3 Steps to become an organised hoarder

Are you ready to organise your hoarded items and take on the challenge to remain organised? With just three simple steps everyone can become an organised hoarder! As you’re organising, it might be sensible to arrange a junk removal collection and liberate yourself from all unneeded items in just one batch!

Did you know there is little difference between organised people and hoarders? Well, as a hoarder you literally have your stuff all over the place which makes it hard to find anything you may need. Be it your bills you can find in time to pay them or that one bottle opener albeit you know you probably have 20 of those flying around – somewhere. Organised people often hoard almost as much as you do as a hoarder, but simply in a more organised manner. They may also have 50 cans of chickpeas in their storage, next to a bunch of useful lunchboxes of all sizes. Yet, they’re more organised and can find anything they need with just one glance. Would you like your home to become as organised? Simply follow these 3 Steps!

Start you junk removal project with a friend

Organising your junk removal is certainly not an easy task. The longer you live in one place, the more stuff you accumulate without realising how much you truly have. Once one thing gets out of hand, it can get overwhelming easily. Most often time, you will just be staring at that huge pile, not knowing where to start. Ultimately, you don’t start at all, just because it’s too much.

However, if you had a good friend taking on that challenge with you, wonderful You’re not alone. You can make jokes while you’re sorting your stuff and listen to your favourite music to make the endeavour even more fun. With someone at your side, it’s also a lot easier to let go of things you don’t need anymore. There’s a reason why you’ve kept this much stuff of all sorts. The reason usually is emotional attachment and the notion you could need it one day. If you were alone, you’d automatically keep a lot more than you need and not really make as much progress. A friend could help you with supporting questions about every single item, such as:

● “Have you used this during the last year?”

● “Why do you need 100 bottle caps?”

● “When do you ever wear your 50 pairs of shoes?”

● “When did you last check the expiry date of your tomato sauce?”

You could reflect on all those questions yourself, but with a friend on your side, things will be more into perspective. You may even laugh about yourself having kept 100 bottle caps for the art project you never started. It’ll be easier to realise you never wear all of the shoes you’ve accumulated and usually stick to just two of them while you probably keep one pair for those special occasions.

Start small and don’t quit

If you decide to organise your junk removal in one go, it’s going to be quite a marathon even if you have a friend to help you. Avoid taking on an overly large project and ending up as a quitter. Instead, start with a small area you can handle and don’t stop until you’re done

Begin in one room and imagine what you’d like it to look like. What would your living room look like if all those piles of magazines, newspapers and books were gone? At the end of the day, you won’t enjoy your place being that crammed that you can hardly move around.

There’s no use in having such a stuffed closet that it’s hard to find anything you’d like to wear. In order to start organising, you could start in one particular area of one room, such as at a chest of drawers, a particular cupboard or also a closet. It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you keep it simple. Arrange a few cardboard boxes for keepers, giveaways, and tossers. If you’re not sure about an item, put it into a maybe-box to sort it through at the end.

While you’re at it, you may feel demotivated. Just tell yourself if you stopped now, it’ll never get done and turn into Beethoven’s Unfinished. At the same time, you could find stuff others may need much more than you do or find something you can sell. Imagine how great it’d be to have friends coming over for dinner instead of having to eat out all the time and spend even more cash you need more urgently for your bills. Remember, your life won’t change until you are more organised.

Be The Flash

… or a roadrunner. The key to organising all your hoarded items to also act fast about it. With a friend at your side, you spend less time reminiscing about every single item. The longer you spend with your memories of each item, the longer it will take to organise your treasures. And the longer you take, the sooner you’re going to feel fed up, not wanting to go ahead.

You can be a lot faster with your junk removal if you think less about each item whether to keep or not. Simply stick to reflecting if you’ve used it within the last year or not. If not, toss it. If you wonder whether you may need it at some point, toss it anyway. Most of the stuff each one of us keeps we don’t end up using one day. Even if it’s the yoga mat you bought a couple of years ago and haven’t used. If you don’t commit to starting yoga right away after that much time, another one will be more than happy to give your yoga mat a new home where it’s used.

Consider the same approach for an item that’s of sentimental value for you. If you can’t give it an honorable spot where you can proudly look at it every day, toss it. It may sound harsh, but that’s the only way to quickly overcome with your challenge. The sooner you’re done with junk removal, the happier you will be to have turned your home into an organised hoarding cave.

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