3 Reasons to Hire a Skip if You Are a Business

If you are a business, no matter what it is, there will be times when you need to dispose of large quantities of rubbish. For this, skip bins Sydney can help. To help us make the decision about how best to dispose of it, this article will discuss some good reason for a business hiring a skip. They are not just useful for the construction industry but play a vital role in dealing with the disposal of all kinds of waste.


A skip would seem be the best solution where a large quantity of rubbish is involved. You can have it taken away all at once in a timely manner and have the problem sorted without the hassle involved in dealing with it personally. Skips can also be useful to add to as you decide just what it is that you cannot re-use yourself. As builders will use them for rubble and when replacing whole interiors, other businesses can use them if they are replacing their equipment and machinery on mass.

A larger skip, or several smaller ones over time, can be ordered from the same firm. They can be co-ordinated so that none of them need to be hired for longer than necessary, helping reduce the expense. Different kinds of skips are also available for a business’s convenience. They come in different sizes and shapes. The most common types of skips include mini, midi, maxi, builders, lockable, and roll-on roll off. With heavier goods the roll-on-roll off are extremely useful, as are the lockable in areas with higher crime rates. Not only do you not want items going missing from the skip, when they are still technically your property, you do not want to find out that someone has caused damage by finding an alternative use for them. If you do need to hire a skip, you should choose a reputable company such as https://www.essexcountyskips.co.uk to make sure that your rubbish is taken care of.

Waste Type

The type of rubbish that is put into skips can vary from building rubble to garden rubbish. The waste, in some cases, can be potentially hazardous if let lying around. So, hiring a skip and having the waste deposited into a hide-sided skip and taken away soon after, protects young members who might play in the rubbish from getting hurt. That would be a business’s responsibility for not responsibly disposing of their waste.

A skip hire firm will know the regulations regarding certain kinds of waste. You should always check with them, if you are unsure, as to whether the type of waste that you want to dispose of is suitable for a skip. If not, they may have the means to help you dispose of more hazardous waste in a different way. That is, waste that is not dangerous because it is left lying around where young ones play, but because it is harmful to health. An example would be asbestos, a material whose particles must not be allowed to enter the lungs, or long term, health problems may result.


It can work out cheaper to hire a skip than to make numerous trips to a tip to dispose of the waste yourself. This will be due to the fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle that results from making several trips back and forth to dispose of large quantities of waste. In addition, if you plan to use your own vehicle for this, it can damage the insides of your vehicle when you try to pack too much in, and the waste is not desirable waste to be transported.

The cost of skip hire can be reduced by sharing it with a neighbouring business, who will more than likely have rubbish that they have been meaning to dispose of for several months. Perhaps storing it inside a warehouse at a cost in terms of the space lost for other things such as stock. Then, perhaps that fellow business will return the favour to you in the future, creating another shared expense.

So, at least three good reasons why a skip is the solution. There is no better way to deal with large quantities of waste. Where it is heavy, a roll-on roll-off skip excels, and skip firms are experts in dealing with different types of waste, making sure that it is recycled, where possible. In addition, skips work out a much more cost effective and convenient way of transporting waste than making numerous visits to a tip yourself, involving wear and tear on your vehicle, or the business’s, not to mention the fuel costs.

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