16 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dry Or Oily

Have you ever noticed how hair can make such a statement for anyone?  Regardless of how well you’re dressed or how perfectly done your makeup is, a bad hair day can ruin your look. 

Picking hair products can be hit or miss. Products can work for people differently. And, when you don’t get the results you want, you can easily feel bummed out, and you might want to give up. However, you shouldn’t throw in the towel yet!  Retracing your steps can help you spot the reasons for your hair issues because, sometimes, dealing with the causes is the best solution. 

 Reasons For Dry Hair

  • Textured hair

Textured hair is prone to dryness because oil can’t slide down into each strand. This is why integrating some hair oil and a moisturizing curl cream is essential to get your mane as healthy, shiny, and beautiful as possible. 

  • Too much brushing 

If you always comb or brush your hair, it can make strands rougher, especially if you’re rough with your tresses. Detangling should be done sparingly, especially if you have damaged and brittle hair.  

  • Washing too much and using hot water 

As mentioned, washing your hair too often will strip it of natural oils. But, cleaning it in hot water is also bad for your hair. Keep the temperature lukewarm instead, but for best results, wash hair with cold water.  

  • Insufficient scalp stimulation 

Getting a head or scalp massage can help sebaceous glands produce oils for your hair. If you suffer from a dry scalp, getting a head massage or a device to help you out will make a difference.  

  • Styling without heat protection  

If you often apply heat to your hair without any heat protection, it’s going to damage your hair and dry it out. Make sure to prep your hair with heat protection products, or avoid heat altogether! 

  • Wrong products 

When you have dry hair, it’s important to pick products wisely. Never use strong hairspray or dry shampoo because this will absorb oil. Always select products meant to nourish and moisturize hair.  

  • Ignoring your ends 

The ends of your hair need extra care. If you ignore them, you’ll get a lot of split ends. Using nourishing creams, conditioners, and hair masks will help keep them healthy.  

  • Nutrient deficiencies 

Just like oily hair, poor eating habits can cause dry hair. Here are some of the nutrients you’ll need to keep your body and hair healthy: 

  • Iron 
  • Manganese 
  • Zinc 
  • Selenium, copper, and iodine
  • Vitamin deficiencies 

Here are some of the vitamins that are great for your tresses:

  • Vitamin C 
  • Vitamin A 
  • Vitamin B7

  • Excessive calcium 

Too much calcium in your body will end up on your scalp. When this happens, it can suck our oil from your hair follicles, making your hair dry, brittle, damaged, and weak. And, if you’re growing out your hair, calcium can also inhibit it. 

  • Age 

The older you get, the less oil you produce, especially after menopause, since hormonal changes can make your hair dry.  

  • Health conditions 

Bulimia, hypothyroidism, or hypoparathyroidism are some conditions that can affect your hair. 

Reasons For Oily hair

  • Hyperactive sebaceous glands 

It’s natural for people to produce sebum. However, too much sebum makes hair greasy. Haircare routines, food, medicine, genetics, and hormonal changes can cause excessive oil production. Try to limit consuming oily food, whole milk, cream, butter, refined carbohydrates, fatty meats, and sugar.  

  • Excessive washing 

Daily hair washing strips it off of natural oils. So, shouldn’t it cause dry hair?  Yes, it will dry it out. But, in response, the body produces more sebum. Sooner or later, your hair will look like an oil slick!  

  • Straight hair 

Straight hair gets oilier faster than textured hair. This is because smooth strands make it easier for sebum to slide down and spread all over your hair.  

  • Product buildup 

Product buildup can make your hair greasy. Washing without shampoo won’t break down oils. If you use too many products, you need to use shampoo to clean it out. Thankfully, there are shampoos out there that can break down grease without drying your hair.  


While there are factors that you can’t do anything about, keeping yourself healthy, using the right products, and avoiding damaging habits are factors you can control. Beautiful hair isn’t impossible, but it does take a bit of work!  

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