Top Tips for Keeping Your Belongings Safe at Home

Whether it’s our tech and gadgets, expensive electronics, jewelry or sentimental items that simply cannot be replaced, our homes are our castles when it comes to keeping our valuables secure. So, ensuring you have taken the right precautions to protect your belongings from theft or damage will give you extra peace of mind. FastKeys can provide you with some security measures.

Here are our top tips for keeping your belongings safe at home.

Get into the locking habit

It may sound obvious, but it can be too easy to leave an entry point to your home unlocked, making it simple for a burglar to find their way in and steal any valuables. Windows, front doors, even an internal door, getting into the habit of locking – double lock if you can – all the entries to your home, even if you are only popping out for a few minutes, will stop an opportunistic thief in their tracks. And even if you are at home, don’t forget to lock your front door before you settle down for the night.

Improve your home security

There is so much tech now available, that boosting your home security is both affordable and easy to install. As well as a burglar alarm to protect your belongings, look at home security that works with your smartphone, such as video doorbells, security cameras and even motion sensors. Also, make sure you have good outdoor lighting, especially if your neighbourhood is not well-served by street lighting or your home is set back from the road.

Invest in a good quality safe

For high value or precious personal items and documents, it is worth buying a safe, so you can be reassured they are secured in one safe place. Look for a quality safe that has a high burglar resistant rating and offers sufficient protection for the particular contents you are looking to keep inside. Your new safe should also be kept in an inconspicuous location in your home, and ideally secured so a burglar cannot simply pick it up and carry it away.

Don’t leave your valuables on show

Don’t let your home become a shopfront for your valuables by leaving your belongings clearly on show. Car keys, cash or jewellery left casually ‘in plain sight’ around your home can be an invitation to an opportunist thief so make sure you store them out of sight and safely away from easy entry points such as a front door or an open window. And always close your curtains when it starts to get dark and you have your lights on inside.

Be careful what you share online

Social media can be a risky platform when it comes to telling the world about life so be careful what you choose to share online. Always check your privacy settings so you are in control of who can – and can’t – see your social media posts and be mindful of what information you choose to share when it comes to new purchases or showing off your valuables. And finally, be wary of doing real-time updates if you are on holiday or away from home, as you could also be advertising that there is actually no-one at home.

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