Is COVID-19 Affecting Your Mental Health?


The COVID-19 pandemic is at the forefront of all of our minds, with seemingly no respite. Everything in our lives, from our jobs, to school, to relationships, to social events, to home, has been altered by the pandemic. It makes total sense that we think about it 24/7, and that everything we do is shaped around the needs of the pandemic. Although this is a short term necessity that we are all having to deal with, it is affecting the world’s mental health in a serious way.  A doctor may be able to prescribe a drug like Latuda to help you deal with depression, and even if you are uninsured you can learn how to get Latuda cheaper.

How has COVID-19 affected your mental health? You might have felt a drastic shift, or not much shift at all. There’s no right “way” to deal with coronavirus, other than to adhere to guidelines and keep safe. Otherwise, taking things at your own pace is all you can do.

In this blog you’ll find some tips on how to soothe your mind if you feel overwhelmed right now. We’re all in this together – so dig in, and let’s get started!

Tip #1: Self Forgiveness

Okay, so it’s easy to criticize ourselves for not doing enough. We set very high standards in our society, and so we learn this behavior and set high standards for ourselves in the process. The pandemic has forced us to dig deep and find our strength in order to continue our day to day lives, but the truth is, it is okay if you aren’t doing well. 

Although it might feel pretty crappy, it is normal to react negatively to a global pandemic that has uprooted your routine. Forgiving yourself for the feelings you experience is the first step to feeling calmer. 

Tip #2: Active Grieving

We are all grieving right now. Whether or not you have lost someone to COVID-19, you will be grieving the life you used to live; all the things we took for granted, like hugging a friend, are lingering in our minds now. 

Grief is felt no matter how hard we try to push it down, so why not be active in it? Active grieving could be anything, from journaling, making lists of things you miss, using mantras to alleviate anxiety, talking a long walk and daydreaming, or anything else you find helpful. 

Actively acknowledging your emotions, rather than trying to push them down, will help you to break down what you’re feeling and deal with it in a healthier way.

Tip #3: Seeking Advice

No matter what you are dealing with on a personal level during this pandemic, you can seek help. Whether you need counselling to get you through this time, or perhaps you wish to seek legal advice from a wrongful death attorney following the death of a loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals for what you need. 

One helpful thing to remember is that no matter how alone you feel, there is always someone else going through a similar thing to you. Speak to your close friends and try to share some of your load – you’ll feel so much better afterwards. 

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