How To Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer for your home is a great way to really add some style, class, luxury and fresh ideas which you are going to love. Using an interior designer is also pretty darn expensive and for the majority of us, it simply isn’t an option. Does this mean then, that you cannot have a home that is stylish, classy and luxurious, with fresh ideas that you are going to love? Absolutely not, and there are many tweaks and touches which you can be inspired by, that are going to make people believe that you have in fact hired a professional to design your space. Here is how to get inspired to create a home that interior designers could only dream of.

Finding Ideas

Most interior designers love to share the work which they have done, they love to tell the world so that they can share the inspiration and so that they can secure further work. The beauty for us is that we live very much in the digital world and that means access to all of these fantastic designs. Using websites like Pinterest you can tap into the main vein of interior design and pick out styles, color schemes and ideas which will take your home to the next level. Whilst we do live in the digital world, don’t overlook magazines for inspiration, they are often what interior designers base their own designs from.

See Before You Buy

Now, you have been inspired by a certain series of wall art creations and lighting ideas for your home, but you have no idea just what it is going to look like in your property, what are you to do? The answer is to use an online rendering service like SuperCheap3D which will be able to digitally imagine those items inside your property so that you won’t just have an idea of what it will look like, but you will know exactly what those pieces are going to look like in your property. This is seriously smart tech that will help you to make the right decision on your interior design.

Using Tricks of The Trade

There are some very simple tricks of the trade which interior designers love, and with these basic additions you can certainly give the feel that you used a professional.

– Adding flowers to every room

– Using 3 colors or shades in each room

– Adding trays and decorative baskets to add that splash of extra style

– Making statements with one big furniture piece in comfort rooms

These are some of the commonly used tricks and touches that interior designers will use.

And the final suggestion is to take textures as seriously as you take colors. When you are looking to bring a certain theme into a room, it is important to consider no only the color of your style choices but also their materials, this is the level of thinking that a professional interior designer has.

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