How To Go The Extra Mile With Home Heating This Winter

Winter brings loads of extra work and expense for homeowners. Clearing snow from the driveways is a struggle, and you have to keep your supplies stocked up at all times. You also need to pay hefty heating bills to keep your living space cozy and comfortable. Fortunately, a little effort goes a long way in keeping your home warm without throwing your energy bills off-balance. Here are some simple measures you can implement to go the extra mile with home heating this winter.

Use your curtains

The most economical way to heat your living space is by getting it from the sun. You can open the curtains during the day to let the sunlight in and warm up your place naturally. Pull them together at night to add an extra layer of insulation and prevent air from entering through the gaps in the windows. Heavy fabrics are ideal for curtains to keep your rooms well-insulated during these months.

Draft-proof the house

Worn doors, old windows, cracks, and crevasses, and poorly-installed outlet covers are the main culprits that lead the frigid winter air to enter indoors. You need to take the right measures to avoid the draft and reduce your heating bill. Start by weatherstripping the doors and windows. Apply window films to cover the gaps and have rigid foam insulation beneath the doors. It is worth checking cracks and crevasses and addressing them before the chill sets in.

Install an electric fireplace

A traditional fireplace is not eco-friendly and convenient to use, so you can switch to an electric version this season. A built in electric fireplace is a smart installation as it looks good and gives ample warmth. Additionally, it does not emit smoke and fumes, which makes it ideal from a health perspective. It can help you cut down heating bills as you can heat only the area in use instead of the entire house, as it happens with a heating system.

Get smart with central heating

Even if you use central heating, you can get smart with it and make considerable savings on your energy bills. Using timers is a good idea, while you can go a step ahead with smart home automation. It is an excellent investment that lets you save on bills year after year. The technology even gives you the option to turn the devices on and off remotely from your workplace.

Upgrade your boiler

If you are serious about cutting down the heating bills this season, consider an upgrade for your boiler as well.  If you’re looking to upgrade your boiler, you can head over to Boiler Central to price up and buy your boiler within minutes.  has to offer. Water heating makes a significant part of the winter bills, and moving to a new one can save up energy consumption. Look for an energy-efficient appliance with the latest technology because these appliances give hot water in minutes, without using up a lot of power.

Small steps take you a long way when it comes to making your home more energy-efficient in the winter. By implementing them, you can cut down your heating bills and do your bit for the environment.

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