Finally Hired That Movers? How To Fully Utilize Their Services

If you’ve moved at least once in your life, you would know the amount of effort it takes to pack all your belongings up and move to a new house. As exciting as moving can be, shifting is quite the opposite. With the advancement in the packing and moving services all around the world, a vast majority of the moving companies in Gaithersburg MD and around offer additional services that can be added to your contract, at times with some legal verification if the situation calls for it. Keep reading to know more about how to fully utilize the moving services that you have hired. 

Read the fine print

The legal documents or contracts that you’ve signed with the movers after just reading the final quote and important details of delivery often include all the services that they will or can offer apart from the moving. With these documents, you can figure out what additional services you need to pay extra for and what services you can just avail free of cost since they are in the contract from the start. Read those documents carefully to know how you can utilize the moving services. 

Ask for any other/complementary available services

Often, packers and movers tell you of all other services they can provide. You can also get to know a lot about their additional services by just visiting their website or reading reviews about them on different online forums. 

However, if the moving company does not wish to write down the extra services they give out in the contract, you might miss them even though you could use some extra help from professionals. Keeping such cases in mind, it is always better to inquire about any additional services the moving company might give; for instance, rigging, repairing of goods, unpacking, fixing up furniture and more. 

Warehouse storage is a standard supplementary service

Quite a few movers let you store some of your heavy luggage or belongings, such as furniture or closets, in their warehouse if your new home doesn’t have the space to fit them yet. Movers in Germantown and surrounding areas have affordable charges in their warehouses. 

If you have a signed contract with a company, they might even give you a discount for storage. 

Hoisting your luggage is part of moving

Let’s say your hallway is too narrow. Or the doors are too small. Or your stairs cannot take the weight of the furniture that needs to be taken to the first floor. In cases such as these, it is best to let professional moving services to hoist or rig your luggage and belongings up to the destination using a pulley mechanism through the windows. These machines are safe and stable, which ensure the safety of your delicate furniture and belongings. 

Long-distance delivery

Most movers use trucks and lorries to lug your belongings to the new destination since it is safer and effective. However, sometimes the house is inside a colony or apartment complex that doesn’t allow entry to big trucks. Or perhaps the road leading to your home is too narrow for the truck. In such cases, the movers bring in smaller shuttles which make multiple trips to transport your belongings. 

Summing Up

Professional movers sure make your life easier and hence, are a better choice when moving. If you are looking to move in the coming future but don’t want to do the work, from packing to moving to unpacking, it would be wise to opt for a full moving service that would do everything for you in one go. 

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