Boring Home? Here Are Some Ways To Bring It Back To Life

Modern living room with designer sofa and coffee table. Wooden table set with plates and cutlery. Nobody inside

Living in your house for a long time can make your surroundings look drab sooner or later. What was once a bright and stunning home could become boring as you get used to its appearance and find nothing new or delightful to enliven the space. The wear and tear of years past can also chip away at a home’s novelty, not to mention its structural integrity.

Fortunately, you don’t need to make drastic changes to bring an aura of excitement and freshness back to your home. On the contrary, some simple changes can do the trick, and you won’t even have to spend too much time or money. 

To make your home lively again, here are some small but effective changes that are well worth trying:

  1. Change Up the Walls

The walls are the primary building blocks of a home. Not only do they provide support to the ceiling and roof, serve as dividers between rooms, and provide a barrier between you and the great outdoors. Walls can also be considered a canvas that can determine the look and feel your home exudes. 

More often than not, the walls are among the first things that can spell the difference between a lively, welcoming home and a dreary, humdrum one. They’re one of the most noticeable parts of a house, so changing them up can definitely do wonders. With your vision, along with a dash of creativity and diligence, here are some ways you can enliven your home through your walls:

  • Do Some Repainting

Sometimes, all it takes is a new coat of paint for your house to look good as new. With the right colors, you can make your space look brighter, roomier, warmer, and more inviting.

Solid white paint for your walls can give off a clean yet sophisticated look, especially if you couple it with a minimalistic setup. If you’re not a fan of white, some alternatives can be shades of gray or other off-white variants. 

Neutral tones, like cream or beige, can make a room feel warm and comfortable without being too vivid or heavy on the eyes. They work extremely well for older homes that have wood paneling. On the other hand, soft and cold tones, like pale or milky blue, or even desaturated cobalt or navy blue, can make a house feel playful without being too loud.

  • Change The Wallpaper

If you don’t have the time to paint, new wallpapers can work just as well. What’s great about wallpapers is that they can be more varied than paint when it comes to designs and patterns you can utilize. 

You can choose plain wallpapers or be a little more playful with those that have geometric or floral patterns. With wallpapers, bolder, more vivid colors may blend in better with your house’s aesthetics. Vintage designs can also give your house a unique and classy look. Just be careful not to select wallpapers that look too tacky.

Beautiful interior of modern room decorated with fairy lights

  • Hang Some Art

Sometimes, all a boring room needs is a spot of detail that can act as the center of attention. This is where a few art pieces hanging on your walls can come in handy. 

Some nice-looking wall art can come in the form of nature or abstract art, or even minimalist art, which can be the perfect decor for a modern home. Hanging wall art won’t only draw in your attention, but it can also serve as an accent piece that puts an otherwise bare space together.

  1. Add Some Greenery

Plants aren’t limited to just the yard or garden anymore. They can also work well as indoor accessories, breathing life back into what’s become a dreary old room. Aside from helping with air circulation, plants can also give your house that much-needed splash of color. Much like wall art, tall potted plants or small houseplants that are well situated within a particular room can serve as accent pieces or even centerpieces that can help put a room together. 

  1. Rearrange The Furniture

Bringing a boring house back to life doesn’t always mean adding or removing stuff. Sometimes, you have to work with what you have, and all you need is to move around a few items. Remember to maximize the space you have by cleverly utilizing corners or arranging your furniture in a way that complements the size of the room, as well as the shape of each item. Think of them as a puzzle, wherein each piece should fit well together. If you have a large space with no dividers, don’t be afraid to experiment by using your furniture as the means with which to set borders or achieve a sense of flow from one room to the next. 

  1. Get The Junk Out

Years of living in a house can also mean you’ve spent just as long to accumulate junk all around. Clutter can be heavy on the eyes and inevitably make a house look exhausting, instead of exciting or relaxing. Declutter your home and you’ll be surprised not only by how much space you actually have, but also by how refreshing your home can be once the rubbish is gone. Even small items, when taken collectively, can make a house feel too busy and cramped. If you want to bring life back to your house, get ready to part ways with stuff that you don’t need, or those that don’t effectively complement the space and setup you have. 

  1. Change The Lighting

A house can begin to look new again with some simple adjustments to the lighting. Literally brighten up your home by taking your lighting options towards more creative avenues. For instance, instead of settling for the usual white lights on a ceiling, try out pendant lights for the kitchen or wall lights for the living room. Stringing up festoon or fairy lights in bedrooms can give them that subtle charm, and opting for softer wall lights in bathrooms can mollify their cold and tiled ambiance. Moon lamps or Himalayan salt lamps can even act as centerpieces in what could be an otherwise tired space. 

Back To Basics

Large-scale renovations aren’t always the means to resuscitate a boring old house. Often, just a few clever and creative adjustments would suffice, and these don’t even have to be painfully complicated or expensive. In fact, making simple changes to the basic elements of a house, such as the walls, lighting, and furniture, can already lead to surprising and refreshing results. 






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