Best Locations to Search for a Home in East Boston

East Boston is an ideal place for anyone who wants to live and work in the city of Boston. Characterized by an urban-suburban mix environment, you’ll find the perfect balance in lifestyle and cost. So, if you’re looking for East Boston houses for sale, then here are some of the best locations to find your little piece of heaven.

Orient Heights

Orient Height is a beachside neighborhood. You can get to the world-class Constitution Beach via the MBTA Blue Line. Besides the beach, you have separate courts for bathhouse, tennis, handball, baseball, basketball, etc. Constitution Beach is also known as Shay’s Beach. So do not get confused.

Once you’re done with the beaches, you can spend the evening at many dining options located across the MBTA tracks.

Many people might discourage you from living near the Orient Heights area because of its proximity to the Logan Airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the US and hence creates a lot of noise pollution. But it’s not as bad as you think. Massport has invested nearly $170 million in developing soundproof technology for 11,000 residences in the area.

Maverick and Central Square

East Boston’s oldest commercial center, it is known for the Maverick Station. It provides quick transit to different parts of the city. The square starts at the intersection of Bennington St. and Meridian St. and includes all the way to the left. The other intersecting streets that join the squares are Border, Eutaw Street, and Saratoga.

If you choose to live nearby, you’ll get to participate in the Italia Unita Festival that takes place every year. Food carts, play bands accompany the event.

Day Square

The Day Square is another section of the East Boston neighborhood that boasts of many high-quality apartments. The square covers the intersection of Bennington St. and Chelsea St.

Day Square is very much an active neighborhood with lots of stores, restaurants, and services. Not to forget the easier access it provides to the other parts of the city.

Jeffries Point

Jeffries Point, also known as East Jeffries, is a hidden neighborhood that very few outsiders talk about. This section sits ideally along the Boston Harbor, thus providing you with the tranquil view of the sea day in and day out. You also get easier access to the marinas and Piers Park.

There’s an influx of young professionals lately into the sub-district. Thus, it is young and lively, ideal for anyone who wants to indulge in the millennial lifestyle. Because of the younger population, many restaurants and eateries even attract foodies from the greater Boston area. So you’ll get a chance to supercharge your taste buds.

Talking about the real estate in the area, it has seen a transformation from a locality with old-fashioned buildings to lavish condos where the younger demographic hangs out. So you’re going to find both cheaper and expensive rentals.

Eagle Hill

The residential district of Eagle Hill should be your top priority if the cost is your concern. It is historic in many ways and was established way back in 1934. The main reason to stay in the Eagle Hill neighborhood is because of the cheap rentals.

Families of multiple generations live in this area, and it still has wood-frame housing. So you’re going to find cheaper rentals in this area. You can visit historic homes like Chapman House, Donald McKay House, and Trinity House.

When searching for East Boston Houses for Sale, you must refer to a real estate agent. They can potentially find you the best deals, thanks to their network of property owners. Many people in East Boston build and rent out their properties. To ensure they do not stay vacant for the most part of the year, they work with the agents. With an agent, you can also get guidance regarding which part of the neighborhood will best fit your work and lifestyle.

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