7 Takeaways for Under-Stress Mommies

Motherhood means a bundle of ever-increasing responsibilities. Being responsible for your family, you are especially vulnerable to develop stress. However, no matter what the situation is, stress is not the solution to any problem. Instead, it can lead to many problems.

Here we are going to share with you some worthy advice to destress yourself.

What is stress?

Any sort of change that causes physical, emotional or psychological strain is called stress. If it is really cold outside and you start shivering, you are facing physical stress. However, the feeling of dejection on the loss of a loved one is emotional stress.

What does stress do to your body?

Stress causes the release of adrenaline hormone from the kidneys. This hormone prepares the body for fight and flight response. It causes the following changes:

· Dilated pupils

· A rise in blood pressure

· Rapid breathing

· Rapid heart rate

· Decreased blood supply to the stomach

· Increased blood supply to limb muscles

The symptoms, however, subside when the triggering factor is removed.

Physical effects of chronic stress

If not managed properly on time stress can be injurious to health. It can cause the following:

· Hypertension

· Diabetes

· Heart diseases

· Indigestion

· Generalized anxiety disorder

· Poor sleep

· Loss of appetite or increased hunger

· Decreased sex drive

· Fatigue

How stress affects your mood?

Stress affects mood in the following ways:

· A stressed person lacks motivation and focus.

· It causes irritability.

· A person feels overwhelmed.

· Eventually, depression and anxiety kicks in.

Effects of stress on behaviour

Stress alters the behaviour in the following ways:

· It increases the tendency to substance abuse.

· A stressed person withdraws himself socially.

· There is increase risk of suicide.

· The person may adopt a sedentary lifestyle and start exercising less.

How a stressed mother affects the family?

It is beyond any doubt that parents, especially mother, have a great influence on the family. A stressed mother has a negative influence on the family. Increased arguments and fights lead to an uncomfortable home environment. This affects the family both physically as well as mentally.

Effect of stressed mother on her kids

Children need a lot of parental attention. Moreover, they are greatly affected by the moods of family members as well as the home environment. They might not be able to share their feelings with you. But, the truth is, they become really upset because of an upset mother.

This overall scenario can affect your children as below:

· Mood disorders in children including anxiety, autism, ADHD and even depression.

· A tendency towards substance abuse.

· Poor performance in sports and studies.

· Aggressive behaviour and frequent fights with siblings and friends.

· Inability to make friends.

· Antisocial behaviour.

Factors leading to psychological stress

Stressors are different for different age groups. Moreover, everyone has their stressors based on their responsibilities as well as circumstances. Being a mother, a wife and a housewife, you are facing different stressors as compared to the rest of the family. Furthermore, being a working mom can add fuel to the fire.

Following are some major stressors for you:

1. Shortage of time

You have to juggle with a lot of responsibilities. So, time management is a big challenge for you. Doing the laundry, preparing food, cleaning the house and many more. Most of the women feel that they do not have sufficient hours in the day to complete their tasks.

The shortness of time overwhelms the mommies leading to stress.

2. Fulfilling relationship demands

For most of the mothers, it is very tough to create a balance between their children and other relationships. Children are demanding. They need a lot of time as well as attention. Their ever-increasing needs make it difficult to focus on other family members, friends and even partner.

Hence, the inability to maintain a balance leads to tension and stress.

3. Financial stress

It takes a lot of money to raise kids. They need shoes, food, toys, shelter, education and a lot of other stuff. So, it is very obvious for the mothers to get stressed for finances.

4. No time for self

Most of the mothers forget themselves while taking care of their family. They have no personal time. Hence, they get no chance to ponder on what their body and mind need.

5. Workplace stress

Tension magnifies when one has to manage a job along-with home. The workplace has its challenges that include:

· Work pressure

· Conflict with colleagues

· Competitive environment

· Uncooperative boss

6. Lack of family support

Life was never so busy like it has become nowadays. Everyone has to manage his routine and has no time to help others. This sense of isolation is one of the causes of worries among moms.

7. No support from partner

Unsupportive partner is one of the biggest problems many moms are facing around the globe. Raising children without partner support is a hell of a task. Moreover, if you are a single mom, it becomes more difficult. As you have to manage everything on your own including finances.

How to deal with stress?

Kill the stress before it kills you. Here are some tips for mommies to reduce their stress levels and live a better life:

1. Identify your stressors

A disease can be best treated if it is accurately diagnosed. Similarly, destressing begins after stressor identification. Try to figure out what makes you feel tense. You can also write it down for your ease.

Also, focus on your symptoms while stressed. Sometimes, we are stressed without even knowing that we are. If you notice the symptoms of stress, do not ignore. Moreover, probe the condition leading to those symptoms.

2. Have a realistic approach

Nothing like a ‘supermom’ exists. Try to accept that no one is perfect. You have to play the role of a mommy, a wife, a daughter, a friend and an employee. So, it is very difficult to tackle every responsibility flawlessly.

3. It is not selfish at all to have some personal time

We can understand that it is very difficult for a mother to pay attention to herself. Moreover, sometimes moms feel guilty if they take some time out for themselves. They feel as if they were ignoring their responsibilities.

However, that is not the case. It is perfectly normal to spend some ‘me-time’ It is good for your sanity.

You can have the following activities during your hours:

· Relish every sip of your favourite coffee.

· Pamper yourself. Have a massage or go to the salon and spa. Get your hair dyed or your nails done. You will feel better.

· Order food from your favourite restaurant and enjoy.

· Watch your favourite show or read your favourite magazine.

4. Add on herbs

Herbs are effective in relieving symptoms of stress. You can have green tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea for relaxation. Moreover, essential oils are the best pick for you. Aromatherapy is proved helpful in reducing stress. Furthermore, you can use CBD buds and flowers.

5. Exercise regularly

This could be a family activity and you can involve your kids as well. Exercise increases the levels of happy hormones in the body and elevates the mood.

6. Deep breath and meditate

Deep breathing as well as meditation are also very helpful in destressing. If you feel overwhelmed or tensed, just take a deep breath and repeat.

7. Find a support group

Knowing that you are not alone helps to pacify your agitated mind. So, find a support group around you. You can share your problems as well as listen to other mommies.

Blurting out is good. Moreover, together you can make it work by figuring the solutions out.

Ever wondered why the flight attendants ask you to put on your oxygen masks first, then on children? There is a reminder that you can only take care of your family if you take care of yourself.

A healthy and stress-free mom will raise healthy and stress-free kids.

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