7 Dangerous Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Spring Cleaning

Springtime can make your days ‘longer’. COVID-19 has made the situation worst. How do you keep yourself busy? Probably by cleaning the house? Wait, do you have a plan? Had you scheduled cleaning tasks today? Do you have all the cleaning tools and detergents?

You see, while cleaning is essential, you need to avoid several mistakes. Otherwise, cleaning tasks might become a challenge rather than fun. We look at those mistakes suggested by Cleanzen Philadelphia right here so that you avoid them;

Taking More Than You Can Handle

Don’t handle too much work on one day to the point that you cannot work the next day. While fatigue is not a disease, it could cause illnesses, thus cost you more than you can imagine. Consider hiring somebody to help you if there is too much to handle in one day.

Alternatively, call a relative to help.

Ignoring The Mattress

We spend a minimum of 6 hours on the mattress every day. But when is the last time you cleaned your mattress? Beware, for a mattress being in use every day, there can be 100,000 to 10, 000,000 mites in it. That’s according to research. They love human skin scales. They’ll give you consecutive sleepless nights.

Use a vapor steam cleaner, therefore, to clean the mattress. Next, you may use an anti-allergen mattress protector to wrap it.

Excessive Carpet Scrubbing

Not every stain requires scrubbing. For example, you need white vinegar and hand dishwashing soap (a tablespoon for each), then add them to 2 cups of warm water. Apply the solution to a white cloth, then wipe red wine when it pours on your carpet, not scrubbing.

Scrubbing the carpet all the time reduces its durability. Deal with the stain according to its type.

Starting to Clean Without a Schedule

The major reason why you should have a schedule is to have a balanced time plan for all your house cleaning duties. Therefore, break big tasks into small manageable duties. Get to know what tasks you’ll do the next day before going to bed.

Confirm if you have everything that you’ll need to use during your cleaning sessions.

Exposing Your Body

Some harsh chemicals can bruise your hands or burn your garment. Such include hydrogen peroxide. Regardless of the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning, always wear protective gloves and apron. They say, ‘Better safe than sorry.’

You might as well need to use a face mask to stop you from inhaling harmful chemicals. Have goggles, too. They’ll protect your eyes from any chemical that might accidentally splash on your face.

Solely Lifting Heavy Assets

Never lift heavy assets or push them all alone. By doing so, you’re straining your body. Most likely, you’re also not able to see where you are headed.

You’re simply risking your life. Chances are that you’ll slide, break an expensive asset, or get hurt. Always call someone to help you lift or move such assets.

Mixing Chemicals

We’ve mentioned previously, deal with every stain depending on its nature. Mixing gentle and harsh chemicals and using them to clean all surfaces (or clothes) will do more harm than good.

Your surfaces and clothes will start wearing out before long.

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