5 Popular Closet Door Alternatives

A closet is an important part of any home. It has amazing practical use as storage space that hides items that you don’t want cluttered and littered about in your house while also providing a spectacle as room decoration, especially when located in a place like your bedroom.

Anything in your house that is tall, enclosed, has a door and has enough space to fit the things you want in storage inside counts as a closet. This means that you can purchase closets from furniture shops, or simply do a bit of modification in your house that you suspect may work lovely as a closet.

While remodeling, closet doors are certainly one of the main things that you will likely be focusing on, so here are some alternatives that you can consider using aside from the standard ones.


That’s right; curtains aren’t just for hanging by the windows to block the sun. They can also be used as an alternative to closet doors, acting as doors while also giving your room additional flair.

However, being that curtains are made with fabric, you will eventually need to give them a good wash, especially if you don’t want the fiber to rot. Depending on the material as well, they can be vulnerable to things like getting too much sunlight in the room, causing the curtains to fade.

All that being said though, curtains are still a very good choice as a closet door if you can hang them. They are very budget-friendly, and there are a wide variety of them to choose from. In fact, you can even have made to measure curtains to fit the closet space as exactly as you want it to be.

Beaded curtains

Beaded curtains trace their root back to Asia, and it is not uncommon to see them as room dividers or in doorways in Asian homes or stores.

They function similar to curtains, as they will hang from your closet door frame to give the items inside “privacy”. Not complete privacy however, as unlike curtains; they don’t completely block your line of sight for the items contained in the closet. Still, they have a wider range of designs and variety to choose from and are also quite budget-friendly.

While they don’t share the problems of needing to be washed like curtains do, they do have a risk factor of being easily broken, as beads are simply

strung up together to form a coherent whole. Pets might gnaw at them, and children may curiously tug at them, so keep this in mind if you are considering having some beady doors.

Glass doors

Glass doors are perfect for people who just want a simple design to fit with their closet without having to bother with all the bits and pieces.

They can even come in transparent glass that allows you see inside your closet, or as reflective mirrors if you want the closet to be more private.

Being made of glass though, keep in mind that glass doors are very delicate and fragile. This means that you will need to handle your closet doors with extra care to ensure that you don’t accidentally shatter the glass. They can also get quite pricey, so you will want to think this one through.

Room Divider

Unlike the alternatives above, room dividers are not attached to closet doors. Instead, they are placed a slight distance away from the entrance. As a result, this makes them very flexible, as you can move them around wherever and whenever you feel like it, especially when you want to change the look of your closet once more. Finally, it also makes moving that much easier and convenient when you can simply pack your room divider up and bring it with you.

But they aren’t perfect. For starters, they are quite large, and demand a lot of space in your room. If your bedroom is small, a room divider might make

it feel more cramped than it already is. They also don’t offer much privacy, as they only block the frontal view of the closet and not the sides. Finally, they can get quite costly as well.

If you don’t mind those disadvantages, if you want to turn your closet into a walk-in version of itself, then a room divider will be perfect for you.

Pocket Door

Pocket doors are lifesavers for people who don’t have a lot of space in their homes, as this door can slide in and out of a wall with little issue. This gives the privacy and look of a regular closet door, while making the most out of the limited space in your home.

There’s a big catch though: You will likely need to rebuild some of your bedroom walls to fit it in, as it is unlikely that your room was built with pocket doors in mind. It can get quite expensive too.

Pocket doors are best utilized when building a new home, instead of remodeling an existing one, but if you don’t mind having to tear down your bedroom walls for a bit, you can make do with your current bedroom too.

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