4 Ways to Add Value to Your House

There are many ways that you can add value to your house through home improvements. This might include building a conservatory or having new windows and double glazing fitted to keep in warmth and keep out traffic noise. Another addition that you might not have considered is to have solar panels fitted, for the present and the future. You can contact companies such as solar Chicago to find out more. In short, you can heat up your home via the rays of the sun to save on electricity or gas bills and help save the environment around you. This will be a popular move with those looking to buy a house who are considering the efficiency of the heating already installed and its impact on the Earth, as governments get tougher on those houses that are not as efficiently heated as others.

Solar Panels

This new technology and fuel source is finding favour with everyone, from householders to environmentalists. In terms of house buying, buyers will seek out properties where solar panels have already been installed and that already allow for cheaper electricity to be enjoyed. Real estate agents will have it as a selling point.

Although solar panels are out of the way on top of a roof, where they need to be to catch the rays of the sun, they can still power the whole home. From heating a home to powering electrical devices, there is often some energy to spare. This energy can become a marketable commodity for the householder, who can then sell it to the grid for the use of others who are yet to use the technology.

From an environmental stance, the sun is radiating heat, or solar energy, that is responsible for life existing on Earth in the first place. Plants rely on sunlight. Animals, including us as humans, need these plants for food and the oxygen that they produce to help us to breathe. We would literally freeze as an Earth without a sun. So, why not extend its use and, in addition, use it as a source of power for non-natural objects to function, too?


Creating larger windows can improve the view from a house. A bay window with its enhanced shape and added shelf will look impressive and functional. Double glazing, in addition to solar panels is a wonderful way to sell a house. Particularly in a built-up area where there is a lot of traffic. Extra layers of glass, double or even triple layers, can deaden or even eliminate most of this sound. This makes for pleasanter living.


The way a house looks internally, when potential buyers are being shown round, can be all important to selling it, along with its outside features. That is, its size, shape, available parking, and accompanying land. Inside, mirrors can make a house look more spacious. They are capable of, by reflection, creating a kind of illusion of duplication and added length. Lighting can add colour to areas without having to repaint them. Paint can renew a wallpaper by having a wall look a different colour while still maintaining its texture. Colour combinations are important as there is nothing worse than colours that clash to divert the eye away from the good points of a property. For example, yellow and purple or orange and blue, which are opposites and so will guarantee to clash. Alternatively, using different shades of the same colour may not work. It is all about pleasing the eye. If your eyes are pleased, then the chances are so will the buyer’s. It is all about creating the right impression with all aspects of your house, as not everyone will want to have to completely redecorate when they move in.


Fitting an extension is all about adding extra buildings to a property. This will increase space and make a larger home for your family now, and potentially the larger family looking to buy your home in the future, should you decide to sell it. You do need to bear in mind, however, that unlike the fitting of solar panels, which merely become part of the roof, extensions will require planning permission to be sought. Then, if the extension should impact on someone’s view, you could have opposition to your plans. It is well worth the effort to increase space, though. A loft conversion can, of course, achieve this too, if you have a large garage that will house surplus items as well as vehicles.

There are ways to save space as well as make it, such as in-built fitted wardrobes and flat TV screens that fit onto walls. For further information on home improvement, the attached article explains how it is impacting on retail.

So, in short, there are a few ways to improve your home while you continue to live in it, and then, to impress a buyer should you wish to sell it. Solar panels for instance provide a fantastic opportunity for homeowners to save money on electricity bills while at the same time helping to save our planet and sustain it for the future.

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