3 Reasons to Have Your HVAC Repaired

If you value continued clean air whilst inside, then a well serviced HVAC by Morris Jenkins is the way to achieve it. Standing for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, this unit does all three of these when fully maintained. It will efficiently control the temperature of workplaces and homes, ensure that they are sufficiently ventilated, and that the air is clean and pure enough to breathe to stay healthy. If you visit the website for Prestige Air Conditioning Services, you can find out more about the repair and replacement of these systems.


Air that has been conditioned is more comfortable to breathe. Heating that is being controlled is pleasanter to experience than it being left to chance. At home, you can feel warm. At work, the temperature can be just right for carrying out strenuous activities that might already make you sweat. Comfort can be a psychological thing, too. The peace of mind of knowing that the HVAC is improving your air quality will help you to relax in the knowledge that your health is not in any way suffering from the indoor environment that you are in.

Better Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air is all important because we are breathing it into our lungs. There is enough pollution outside from traffic on the roads, without adding to the pollution our lungs end up coping with by potentially breathing in stale air whilst inside. Breathing in bad air, that is air containing pollutants, can irritate a person’s airways and lead to shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, episodes of asthma, or chest pain. Prolonged exposure to air pollutions puts individuals at risk of lung cancer, strokes, heart attacks, and unfortunately in some cases, premature death. It is not an issue to take lightly but a reason to have a HVAC regularly serviced or replaced if not functioning correctly and to its most efficient levels possible. Health should be our number one consideration in everything that we do.

Typical symptoms reported by those experiencing bad air indoors include headaches, fatigue, eye irritation, a dry throat, congestion of sinuses, nausea, and dizziness. There is a condition known as

“sick building syndrome” which can be attached to these symptoms. The way to cure the building’s sickness is to have fitted an efficiently working HVAC system and call upon the experts when it is not.

Reduced Sickness

Employers should see a reduction over time in employee absences through sickness from keeping their HVAC systems well maintained. It has been reported, too, that Americans who breathe less pollution lower their risk of premature death. But then, who is it that is lowering the risk? In the case of inside the home, it is the householder on behalf of their family, but inside the workplace, it is down to the employer to keep their workers safe and happy. There is no doubt that a popular and responsible employer will see the benefits of an efficiently operating HVAC system. A worker will be more efficient in terms of their productivity when an environment is healthier and more suited to working in.

So, bearing all the above in mind, it makes sense to keep up with repairs and to replace tired old HVAC systems with more efficient ones. Also, in terms of the cost to run, even with an air conditioning unit that is just 10 years old, you can save 20 to 40 percent of cooling energy costs through replacing it with a newer model. Variable speed air handlers are considered the best, although to have two speeds will be more efficient than just having one.

For those wanting to understand more about the terms that the HVAC repair companies talk about whilst repairing their systems, here is a useful glossary of terms.

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