Texture Design: How To Add Texture To A Small Space

Do you own your dream home? Are you in love with your property? Regardless of whether you answer yes to these two questions, you still won’t be able to resist sprucing up your house’s interior. After a while, the style you thought you loved becomes a little old and tired, and in need of a touch-up.

Thankfully, utilizing different textures is a fantastic way to add a new dimension to any room in the house, even if it’s small! Yep, the size doesn’t matter where texture is concerned because you can follow these top tips to transform your design strategy.

Rugs Over Carpets

Most people plaster the floor in carpet since it looks easy on the eye and feels good underfoot. However, too much of the same material will impact the balance of the room. Plus, some places aren’t applicable, such as the kitchen, where you need flooring that’s robust and easy to maintain. Therefore, rugs are the best option as you can downsize while keeping a rustic appeal. A 4×6 rug should fit into almost any space in your home, so there’s no reason to worry about the room’s specifications. All you need to do then is figure out how to break up the area to ensure it flows.

Layer, Don’t Clutter

The problem with small appliances and accessories is the urge to use lots of them to fill the space. A mistake is to assume that you can go overboard because they aren’t as big. Unfortunately, this plan results in a cluttered and messy home, which is the worst-case scenario. Instead, you want to compliment the fixtures with another texture. Wall art is the perfect example as it uses hard-to-fill space, and the long lines are different from the shorter, fatter angles of a sofa or armchair

Focus On New Spots

Your property’s rooms will be full of texture and charm, yet the spaces off them might look bare and cold. By targeting these features, you can instantly enhance the interior without worrying about clutter. The key is to make sure any additions are practical. For instance, a bench by the front door breaks up the monotony of a long corridor, and it also offers a place to sit and store your belongings. Alternatively, a coat rack will incorporate different textures through holding your coats, hats, and scarfs. There are several of these spots in every home, so don’t be afraid to focus on them.

Accessorize Furniture

Accessories are excellent at giving everyday items and pieces a different edge, as long as they aren’t similar. Using greenery, or any outdoor features should prevent this from occurring since hardly any household fittings have the same properties as plants and flowers. That’s why lots of property owners place them on coffee and side tables. For the bed, you can use an oldie but goodie – throw cushions and covers. With materials ranging from silk to wool and regular cotton, you shouldn’t run out of accessories to transform the boudoir!

If you’re creative enough, you shouldn’t find it hard to texturize any small space.

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