Should You Be Using Melanotan 2? All Questions Answered!

One of the fascinating things about science is that it never ceases to create solutions to human problems. An area that is particularly worthy of all our commendations is medical science.

You have a swollen finger? Too bad. But, at least, now you don’t have to amputate it. You have the flu? That’s sad. But, at least, now you have more options than chicken soup.

Finally, and most impressively, you’ve got erectile dysfunction? That’s a shame. But, you have Melanotan 2, and your sex life doesn’t have to go down the drain.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the Melanotan 2 drug we just mentioned. It may not be the most popular pill on the shelf. But it’s got a lot to offer.

Let’s check it out.

What is Melanotan 2?

Melanotan 2 is an entirely synthetic drug. That is, it is a chemical that was created in the lab. Alternatively referred to as Melanotan II or simply MT-II, the drug can be used for a wide variety of functions.

Now, initially, its sole purpose was to help fight skin conditions. However, it’s since been noted to have the potential for increasing sexual arousal and fixing erectile problems in men. The peptide is largely available to purchase on the internet. However, when you want to buy Melanotan 2 in Australia, make sure you get it right.

The last thing you want to do is confuse Melanotan 2 with melatonin.

What does Melanotan 2 work for?

Theoretically speaking, Melanotan 2 has a lot of potentials. However, many of the things it’s believed to be able to do are yet to be backed up by research.

However, one of the most popular things that this peptide is known to be able to work for is erectile dysfunction in men. The earliest research on the drug shows this. There is another proven effective treatment option for erectile dysfunction that’s drug free, surgery-free, and needle-free which is called the Acoustic Wave therapy.

Essentially, if you inject the peptide under the skin of a man suffering erectile dysfunction, it could help him get or maintain an erection. Some people have noted a few minor side effects that come with this particular function of the drug.

But, it still remains one of the most credible applications/uses of Melanotan 2.

What else could Melanotan 2 work for?

Like we mentioned earlier, the peptide has a truckload of potential. Among other things, you can use it for:

● Tanning your skin (read more about it in the article: Tanning Peptides: What are they, and how to use them)

● Preventing sun-induced skin cancer

● Treating fibromyalgia

● Treating rosacea

However, the main issue with all these other applications is that they’re unconfirmed. While some research proves that of erectile dysfunction, these still need more evidence to back them up.

How does the Melanotan 2 function?

As we stated earlier, this drug is made entirely in a lab.

However, it is made to function as a naturally occurring substance in our body. The name of that substance is the melanocyte-stimulating hormone.

This hormone is responsible for your skin color. Melanotan mirrors it while also functioning to stimulate erection in the penis.

Is it safe to use Melanotan 2?

The short answer to that question is yes. Yes, it is safe for you to use the drug. However, the long answer is equally important.

While you can use the peptide, you should also make sure that you’re doing it under the supervision of a qualified medical professional.

The reason is that taking the peptide as a shot in your belly could cause nausea, reduced appetite, yawning, fatigue, flushing, stomach cramps, spontaneous erections of the penis, etc. To deal with any or all of this, it’s best to have a qualified medical practitioner.

Having said all that, you should note that the safety of the drug is limited by use. That is, if you’re using it for erectile dysfunction, you should scale through quite nicely.

However, while there’s nothing that says it’s dangerous for other uses, there’s nothing that says it’s not dangerous either. That is, no evidence points to its safety for other uses apart from erectile dysfunction. So, it’s best to be on the safe side and avoid it.

Additionally, if you’re a pregnant woman looking to use it for a tan or any of its other functions, you might want to hold off on that. Again, there is no evidence points to the peptide being harmful to pregnant women.

However, no evidence says it’s safe either. So, it’s best to be on the safe side and abstain. Better yet, consult your doctor first.

In Conclusion

Based on our info about its uses, potential side effects, and safety, you should know where you stand with Melanotan 2.

If we were to summarize for you, we’d say the drug is okay for use. You just need to carry your doctor along so they can provide excellent advice on it.

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