Quartz: The Stylish yet Sturdy Countertop Choice

When choosing kitchen and bathroom countertops, most homeowners want a beautiful surface that can withstand the demands of heat, water, wear, and tear. Quartz is a high-end surface composed of stone-like materials that has the durability and porosity of natural stone. It has few imperfections and is easy to work with because it is manmade.

How Is Quartz Produced?

A quartz countertop is considered an engineered stone because it is made from natural minerals mixed with resin. Ninety percent of the countertop is a mixture of natural stone, marble, and granite. It often includes recycled materials such as glass, ceramic, mirrors, and silica. This combination creates a hard surface ideal for use in kitchens where food is prepared and in bathrooms where water intrusion is a concern.

The process of creating quartz starts with pulverizing national stone. It is then mixed with the resin and other materials and pigments to create unique designs. After this, the mixture is heated and shaped into slabs that are ready for installation.

What Are the Benefits?

Quartz is an excellent countertop choice because the nonporous surface doesn’t allow for the growth of bacteria, germs, and mold. It is easy to clean with mild soap and water. The use of harsh chemicals should always be avoided. Unlike other surfaces, quartz doesn’t require ongoing maintenance such as sealing and polishing. It is the ideal option for homeowners looking for a surface that will last thanks to its resistance to heat, stains, and scratches.

Another benefit of this engineered surface is that virtually any color can be chosen to match the décor of your home. Even glass or metallic flecks can be incorporated into the production of a quartz countertop to give it a sparkly look for a more modern, edgy design. The sporadic patterns that are characteristic of granite can also be achieved with quartz.

What Should You Consider When Buying Quartz?

Because of its durability, quartz may not be the cheapest option when it comes to countertops. However, it is one of the surfaces with the most design choice. You can select decorative finishes such as beveled or rounded edges to achieve the exact look

you desire. You can also choose a textured, glossy, or matte finish. Quartz is easy to shape into sinks or to conceal seams when two slabs are joined because the resins make it more flexible.

There are some downfalls to quartz, but these are minimal. For example, it is heat resistant, but only up to 400 degrees. Anything hotter will damage the surface. It is also a poor choice for outdoor use because the sun can cause it to fade and warp.

Quartz countertops check all the boxes for homeowners looking for stylish yet sturdy surfaces for their kitchen and bathroom. With so many design options available, achieving a unique look while enjoying the durability of natural stone is attainable. Plus, installation is a breeze, and many manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty because of the surface’s indestructibility. With all these benefits, the final product will add a welcome aesthetic and value to your home.

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