Creating a Patio That You Can Use All Year Round

When you decide to create a patio area in your garden, you want to know that you’ll be able to use it whatever the weather. Patios can be expensive, so being able to use it for only a few months of the year seems like a bit of waste! In this blog, we explore how you can create a patio that you’ll be able to use all year round.

Paving that can be used in all conditions

Certain types of paving with cope better with the changing weather conditions than others. Choosing paving that remains slip and split resistant all year round is the first step towards getting more use out of your garden. Some natural materials are known to absorb a lot of surface water, which can freeze and turn your outdoor area into an ice rink!

Worse still, as the water expands inside the tiles, it can cause fractures and cracks to appear that weaken the structural integrity of the tiles and make them more susceptible to breaking. Natural stone also has inconsistencies and irregularities in its surface which can make natural paving even more prone to damage. In comparison, manmade materials like porcelain paving have been designed to provide excellent slip resistance and won’t chip, even in the most challenging conditions.

Porcelain paving is vitrified at a high temperature making it far more robust than natural stones like slate or limestone. The texture of porcelain paving can also be enhanced during the manufacturing process so that it’s highly slip-resistant.

Cover the patio with a shelter

Another way to make your patio better for use all year round is to invest in a shelter of some kind. Whether you choose a fully enclosed garden room or a simpler veranda or awning, covering your patio opens a world of possibilities for activities in inclement weather.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to see people inside our homes, so more and more gatherings are taking place outside in the garden. Having a covered patio makes hosting guests easy. You can dine, relax and socialise on your patio without worrying about a sudden rain shower catching you out.

During the warmer months, a shelter will come in very handy to provide shade from the blaring sun. Retractable awnings are particularly great over patios during spring/summer because they can be opened and closed to provide as much or as little sun cover as you need.

Invest in a fire pit or patio heater

If you’re worried about getting cold on your patio you can invest in a heater or fire pit to the space. Modern patio heaters come with all kinds of impressive bells and whistles. Some even feature integrated Bluetooth speakers, making them ideal for parties on your patio.

Prefer something with a little more natural charm? Fire pits can sit on your patio and will provide a lovely warming spectacle during the autumn & winter months. Grab a hot chocolate and a blanket and get ready for a cosy evening out on the patio.

During the summer months, some fire pits can even be doubled up as a patio BBQ, making the experience of sitting out in your garden all the more enjoyable.

Hopefully this will inspire you to make some changes to your patio so that you can get plenty of use out of it all year round.

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