3 Ways To Make Your Dining Room More Elegant

All around the world, one of the most sacred activities across cultures and borders is cooking and inviting friends and family to your place for a delicious meal. No matter where you are from or who you are, this ancient tradition of sharing food and enjoying each other’s company will never go out of style. If you adore dinner parties, you may be on the lookout for ways to chic-ify your dining room, making it the perfect spot for dinner guests to relax and have a great evening. 

In this blog you will find tips on how to make your dining area more elegant by adding subtle touches to your existing space. Get ready for the deluge of compliments you’ll receive after following this guide – and let’s get started!

  1. Draw the eye upwards

One tip that is regularly shared by architects is learning how to draw the eye up. This means designing your space to make it seem bigger and lighter by exploring the verticality of the room. One way to do this is to treat your ceiling like a fifth wall. What this means is to not disregard your dining room ceiling as a blank space, but to make it work for the whole space. This could be by hanging tasteful vine plants in the corners, or adding a Murano Glass Chandelier

 for an extra classy touch. 

  1. Invest in beautiful cloth napkins. 

Cloth napkins might seem more trouble than they’re worth, especially if you have young kids who go through ten napkins per mealtime! Nevertheless, investing in special-occasion cloth napkins will add a beautiful, subtle touch to your dinner table when guests come over. You could go for hand-sewn patterns, classic linen, or deeper, richer colors to create a wintry ambiance at your dinner party – discover luxury table linen to elevate your dining experience and impress your guests. In addition, heavy, rich cloth napkins add substance to your table and are bound to get many compliments when friends and family come over

When buying cloth napkins, ensure you read the label carefully to avoid shrinking them in the washing machine.

  1. Gorgeous centerpieces

Centerpieces aren’t exactly an everyday thing, but for occasions when guests are coming to town, a centerpiece is a stunning and special addition to your table. The centerpiece doesn’t necessarily have to consist of fresh-cut flowers, although those are a classic choice with which you can’t really go wrong. Here are some modern centerpiece ideas for your dinner party table. 

  1. An arrangement of candles. To add to the ambiance of your dinner party, you could create an arrangement of unscented candles which add a delightfully sultry touch to the evening.
  2. A vase of odorless plants. These stems could be green bamboo, “white bunny tail” dried flowers, large tropical leaves or a clear vase full of petals. 

Although coronavirus has led to an inability to have dinner parties too often, soon these days will be over and we will be able to invite friends to our home once more. When that time comes, be prepared by using this dining room decor guide!


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