You Can Do Without These Beauty Products

Sometimes the beauty industry just leads us by the nose. Because some beauty products are of much more use to manufacturers than to consumers. found the 9 most pointless beauty products in the world.

We everyone likes to try new beauty products. The hundredth nail polish in a new shade of red, the miracle cream against wrinkles or the high-tech face brush; Experimenting is fun, but that doesn’t always make sense. If you want to save your wallet and your nerves, save yourself this beauty nonsense:

Shower sponge

A shower sponge is actually only useful for the bacteria that collect in it. Because of the constant and constant contact with moisture, the little pathogens feel right at home in such senseless beauty aids. Away with it!

Foot peeling

Occasional rub-offs make the feet velvety soft. That’s right. On the other hand, the assumption that a special foot peeling would be required is incorrect. A conventional peeling serves the same purpose!

Eyeshadow primer

It is supposed to extend the shelf life of eyeshadow on the skin and make it possible to apply precise make-up. Sounds good. But it also works without an expensive special primer. Namely, by spreading some concealer on the lids, dusting the whole thing with transparent powder and then applying the eyeshadow as usual.

48-hour deodorant

We don’t know whether they really keep their promises. But we don’t really want to know. Because we usually wash ourselves every day, and we actually feel very comfortable with this cleanliness routine.

Hair perfume

These products share the same fate as 48-hour deodorants. They are among those products that we do not even want to see in need. Because if our hair is smelly, we’d rather wash it than whitewash the smell.

Make-up removal wipes

Water, soap and a commercially available washcloth do the same; if not better. No one needs make-up removal wipes. And the environment doesn’t need these useless mountains of rubbish either.

Disposable razors

The same applies to disposable razors as to make-up removal wipes: We are doing Mother Nature no favors with such disposable items. So stay away from it!

Brush cleaner

Yes, it’s right; Brushes need to be cleaned every now and then so that no dirt collects in them. However, we do not need any expensive special cleaners for this. Baby shampoo does it too, and it’s even cheaper.

Anti-cellulite cream

If the desire is greater than the effect, it is better to avoid such products. At least if you want to save yourself the disappointment and the money. Cellulite cannot be creamed away. That is mean, but unfortunately a fact.

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