Why MDF is Best for Use as Skirting Board

Skirting is a board that runs along the lower part of the interior walls of a building. In many homes, it is used to hide unwanted features as well as avoid scratches of any form.

Before now, it was known as mop boards as it was supposed to prevent water and stains from mop heads when cleaning the floor. Over time, it has emerged to be something that is used in interior decoration to beautify and provide good finishing in a building.

Why You Need It

Skirting in a home is not necessary but it is advantageous and there are several reasons why you may need to use it in your home. This includes:

Cover Gaps between Walls and Floor

It is possible that during building construction, there could be some issues that can result in gaps between the floor and the wall. Having to redo the construction will cost a lot of time and resources. Also, the gap may be intentional to prevent moisture that is coming from the ground from reaching the plasterboard. Using skirting boards can help to cover these gaps to avoid exposure and it is also cost-effective.

It Prevents Damage to the Wall

The lower part of a wall is subject to several knocks. It could be scratches or knocks from a mop head or a vacuum cleaner. Kid’s toys, as well as bicycles, chairs, general wear and tear and so on, can cause the lower walls to be chipped or stained and skirting helps to prevent these.

Hide Electrical Wiring

Exposed wiring in a building can make it look tacky. These wirings can be hidden under the ceiling but occasionally some have to be passed along the floor or lower walls and may not be removable. Skirting can also be used to cover this.

It is Used to Provide Aesthetics to the Home

Although the major purpose of skirting was to preserve walls from all scratches, knocks, stains as well as cover up unwanted or unsightly features, it is also used these days to add character to and beautify the home. There are several types and designs that can be used to decorate the home and make it aesthetically pleasing.

Types of Skirting

There are different kinds of skirting that you can use in your home. These are:

· Wooden

· Pencil

· Continued

· Metal

· Flush

· Double layered

MDF as a Material for Your Skirting

There are different materials that can be used for skirting; it can either be wood, vinyl, or metal. Of the three, wood is the most used and even this has subtypes which are hardwood, softwood and MDF. Each one of these has its advantages but MDF is the preferred choice for most people.

MDF which is the short form for medium-density fibreboard is a fabricated material and it is often used in most furniture products around a home. It is a kind of wood that is produced by breaking soft and hardwood residues into wood fibres. It is combined with resin binder and wax in a defibrator which is then formed into panels when high temperature, as well as pressure, is applied. MDF is denser than particleboard and plywood and this makes it stronger.

MDF boards come in two types typically. They are either pre-finished or pre-primed. The pre-primed variant is good for people who intend to decorate or paint their skirting board to the taste. MDF is usually preferred because:

· It is durable, does not expand, swell, contract or warp, and will last as long as a property exists.

· It is also cheaper than most other kinds of materials used for skirting.

· It is quite easy to use as well as easy to install.

· It is suitable for most places in the home.

· It comes with a smooth surface that makes it easy to paint and work with. You can learn more about MDF in this article.


Fixing skirting in a building has a lot of advantages. All in all, it makes your home better in several ways. Asides from this, it add beauty and color to the home making it appealing. They are different materials that can be used but if you are looking for a durable, cheap, and long-lasting material, you should seriously consider using MDF.

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