Home Maintenance Jobs You Can Tackle During COVID

While the Coronavirus has proven a difficult adversary that has kept many of us working from home during these past few months, it also gives us the opportunity to think about some of the maintenance and upgrades that have been sliding at home recently. Even though lockdown restrictions may be weighing on your mind, there are some things you can do around the house to take back some semblance of control and improve the energy in your home at the same time.

Retile the bathrooms or kitchen.

Retile jobs are inevitability just as important as the upkeep of your roof. Eventually, you will have to replace these floorings and there’s no better time than while you are spending an increased amount of time at home. This way you can enjoy the upgrade even more. Replacing old tiles and eroded grout with new, larger tiles can make rooms feel bigger and more homely without any additional upgrades or renovation projects designed to change the layout of the space. Using larger tiles also cuts down on the installation time and makes for a seamless design.

Alternatively, you might decide to opt for hardwood flooring. This is a great option in the kitchen or common areas of the home and adds a whole new vibe to the feeling of the house. Laminates or solid hardwoods both last years and require little upkeep apart from a simple cleaning regimen, and they look fantastic!

Repair aging appliances.

Looking for an Oregon appliance repair company to refurbish your older appliances is a great way to breathe new life into the things you use every day, without having to fork out a heap of cash to buy new ones. Fixing the refrigerator, water heater, dishwasher, ice maker, or dryer are all great ways to bring in the feel of freshness into your daily routine at an affordable price. While these appliances will eventually give out, repairing them instead of simply trashing them for new ones when they first begin to experience difficulties can extend the lifetime for years to come. Hooking these staples of modern living up with pressure sealing washer gaskets instead of the standard washers is a simple and incredibly cost-effective way to ensure that they keep humming at full efficiency for years to come. This is especially important in preventing additional water or dust damage clogging up the system along the way.

Clean up your landscaping.

Installing a new garden is another great way to improve your home during this time away from your usual schedule. Gardening is a fantastic way to relieve stress, and laying new sod, planting flowering bushes, or mulching your beds can improve the look and feel of your entire home with just a few hours’ work. Working on your yard is a fulfilling part of homeownership and makes for great family time as well. Put your kids to work by getting them to upgrade or replace piping in your sprinkler system or have them rake up the fallen leaves from your trees during the fall. This can make for some great bonding time that simply can’t be had indoors.

Another home maintenance opportunity is to spruce up your patio area. Ordering new furniture or building a gazebo yourself are both great ways to increase the hospitality factor of your home and make for a fun and relaxing place to spend your afternoons and evenings with your family.

Now is the time to dive into some new and exciting home maintenance projects. While your family spends more time at home, make the effort to make the space more inviting and homely so that you can all enjoy it that much more.

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