Everything You Should Know about Hot Water Heaters

Hot running water is one of the great conveniences in a contemporary household. From bathing to cleaning dishes and performing laundry, a hot water system gives you the ability to carry out all the tasks with utmost comfort. And when facing any issues with your heater, you can opt for Same Day Hot Water Service.

Water heaters are one of the vital yet under-appreciated appliances in your home. They take up nearly 25% of all your energy bills, doing much work. Some important types of water heaters are:

Storage Tank Water Heaters

Storage tank water heaters are also known as conventional water heaters. These heaters are quite common in Australian homes. They include an insulated tank where you can store heated water until you need it.

You need to maintain the storage tank water heater regularly to work effectively and efficiently for years. A professional plumber can drain and flush your hot water systems Brisbane (or wherever you are) once a year to remove sediment and build-up. If you maintain it properly, your heater’s statistical life expectancy can be 10 to 12 years.

Electric Hot Water Heaters

Electric storage heaters use a heating element placed inside a tank to heat water. You heat the water and store it in the tank, available in different sizes.

You can also choose instantaneous electric water heaters, in which you can heat the water instantly as per your requirement. There is no storage tank of this type. Hence, it gives you endless hot water whenever you turn on the tap.

Gas Hot Water Heaters

Just like electric heaters, gas storage heaters store hot water in a tank. However, they use a gas burner to heat the water. You get faster heat recovery time in these storage systems, and they mostly have a tiny tank.

You can buy gas instant water heaters to heat the water as per your need. These water heaters don’t store hot water in a tank. And in case of any heater issues, you can call the Same Day Hot Water Service to ensure ease.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Also known as hybrid types, heat pump water heaters are another popular choice. These heaters get heat from the ground or air, and then they transfer the heat to the water.

Pump water heaters cost more upfront than general electric models, but these heaters consume nearly 60% less energy. Hence, you can expect lower energy bills.

However, hybrid electric heat pump water heaters do not work well in extremely cold conditions. Since the heat pump is on the top of the heater, a hybrid unit can need around 7-foot clearance from ground to ceiling.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters use roof-mounted solar panels that capture the sun’s heat and transfer it into a fluid in a closed-loop system that reaches the water tank and heats your water.

With the best solar water heaters, you can make massive savings during summers. Solar heaters are used more in warm and sunlit regions. It will work smoothly because solar thermal panels are efficient and turn nearly 80% of heat energy for heater usage.

Hence, call professionals for water heater installation and Same Day Hot Water Service to take advantage of this contemporary convenience and make your life comfortable and easy.

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