9 Inspirational Ideas To Beautify Your Front Yard

As a homeowner, your life will often become so busy that specific maintenance jobs around your house will fall by the wayside. When that happens, your home starts looking worse for wear and could require costly repairs in some cases.

One of the areas that many homeowners sometimes neglect is the appearance of their front yards. Those are the areas most seen by people. They’re also ones that will get looked at the most by anyone visiting or going into your abode.

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If you’re reading this article and thinking to yourself that your front yard has seen better days, now’s the time to do something about it. Of course, you might be wondering where to start and what to do?

Don’t worry, because the following nine inspirational ideas will help you transform and beautify your front yard. If you’re ready to boost your home’s curb appeal, here are some handy hints and tips for you to follow:

1. Get rid of any weeds

You might find that you only need to do something as simple as removing any weeds that have taken over your front yard. As you can imagine, weeds are unsightly and tend to get out of control very quickly.

There are many ways to remove weeds, but the method you use should be safe and must not cause adverse effects to pets, children, local wildlife, or, indeed, surrounding plants. Arguably one of the safest methods is to pull the weeds out, including their roots.

You can buy special weed removal tools to help save you time and effort. However, be prepared to dig if you’ve got weeds that have long roots.

2. Spread some new grass seeds

Is your front yard’s patchy lawn letting things down? Sometimes, it makes sense to start again and spread some new grass seeds down. When done at the right time, you’ll soon end up with an abundance of fresh, healthy grass growing on your lawn.

You may wish to spread grass seeds among existing patches of grass on your lawn. But, it makes sense to clear the topsoil and start from a clean slate. Doing so means your lawn will have a uniform appearance and be easier to maintain.

There are many varieties of grass that you can grow on your lawn. The one you choose will ultimately depend on the look you wish to achieve and your budget.

3. Improve your drainage

Whenever it rains, do you find that your front yard ends up with pools of standing water? If the answer’s yes, you might find that you’ve got drainage problems. In fact, you might even discover you’ve got no proper drainage at all!

One way to resolve the problem is by having discrete and tasteful-looking Swiftdrain slot drainage systems installed. Another is to locate any blockages of existing drainage systems so that water doesn’t back up in your yard.

It’s also worth making a mental note of where the standing water occurs in your front yard. That’s because the issue might be due to sunken pavers, concrete, or asphalt that is resulting in an uneven ground.

4. Paint your fencing

If you’ve got wood fencing around the front of your home, you’ll need to paint or ‘stain’ it every few years. Otherwise, the effects of weathering will cause your wood fencing to go bad and fall apart.

There’s a variety of wood fencing paint colors available to buy, and so you can easily brighten up your fences with a bold or natural-looking color. Be sure to purchase a paint product that is guaranteed to last for several years.

If any of your fencing is old and damaged, you should get them replaced before you embark on any painting. It also makes sense to only paint your fence panels on a dry day as rain can delay how quickly the paint dries.


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5. Upgrade your drive

Do you park your car on something you could only describe as “crazy paving”? Perhaps your parking spot resembles a boggy pit whenever it rains? If the area on your drive is inadequate for anything heavier than a bicycle, you need to research the Benefits of Decorative Concrete Installation.

Doing so will mean that your front yard has better drainage and your vehicle won’t sink into the ground on a particularly wet and stormy day! Plus, a freshly laid drive will increase your home’s curb value – and thus your property’s value on the home market.

You’ve got several choices depending on what you want and how much you’re willing to spend. One of the most common options is to have concrete laid down. Some folks also have pavers laid down, making the drive a nice decorative feature.

6. Add some attractive plants

If you’ve got a large front yard, plants can help to add a nice decorative touch. They can even create beautiful-looking borders if you’d rather not have wooden fences or brick walls to mark your property boundaries.

When choosing plants for your front yard, be sure to select some that are hardy and will grow well even in the toughest of winters. After all: the last thing you want to do is waste time and money adding new plants every few months!

You may even decide to plant some partially-grown trees that bear fruit. It might help to visit some garden centers and see various plants in person before deciding on specific types for your front yard.

7. Add some tasteful garden ornaments

It’s not just plants that can complement the look and style of any home’s front yard. Garden ornaments can also make your front yard look more unique and to your taste! As you can imagine, there are literally thousands of different garden ornaments you can buy.

It helps to think about whether you want a specific theme for your front yard, and if you wish to opt for subtle garden ornaments or ones that stand out. Whichever ones you decide to get, be sure they will look great in your front yard.

8. Freshen up the front of your house

Lackluster paint, broken drain pipes, damaged windows and cracks in exterior walls are just some of the things that can let down an otherwise great-looking front yard. Remember that freshening up the front of your home isn’t just about curb appeal, it also adds value to your house.

Depending on your DIY skills, you might wish to entrust some of the repair work needed on your home’s exterior to professionals. That can certainly be the case when talking about things like brickwork, roofing, and even painting.

9. Add some lighting

When it gets dark, do the street lamps offer much lighting to the front of your home? If the answer’s no, it’s probably the best time to add some lighting of your own. You could opt for cheap and simple solar lights that stake into soil.

Or, you might decide that permanent LED lighting across your drive and path, and by your front door is a better solution. You can even get some LED light systems that are the same size as standard house bricks.

Final thoughts

The above nine inspirational ideas are just some of many things you can do to improve the look of your front yard. It’s worth checking out Pinterest for additional inspiration, and even just generally browsing Google Images for extra ideas.

Hopefully, you’ve found the tips in this article useful today. Thanks for checking it out!

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