6 Things People Open Savings Accounts For

In a world that seems to have gone mad, saving your money has become more important than it ever was before. Of course, the things that people open savings accounts for vary from person to person and family to family. 

Regardless of why you’re opening your credit union savings account, it’s important to do it now and keep the money there until you reach your goal. In this blog, you’ll find a few of the things that people commonly open savings accounts to save for. Are you saving for the same thing? 


From sweet Christmas pajamas for the entire family to the snowman that sits in the front yard, Christmas can be expensive. That’s why many people open a holiday savings account through their bank to ensure they have the money needed when the holiday season rolls around. You simply draw out the money, spend it on presents, decorations, and the like, then start depositing money again after the holiday to work towards the next one. 


While vacations are on hold at the moment, the time will come when you can travel undeterred again. Now is the perfect time to open a savings account and start tucking the money away for the vacation you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s a trip to Paris or a week at the beach in another state, saving for your next vacation is certainly a worthy cause. Don’t forget to check into discounts as well, and who knows, you might have money left in your savings account after your vacation that can go towards the next one. 

Children’s College Education

Anyone who has ever been a parent knows that they’re grown before you can blink an eye. That’s why many parents start a college fund for their little ones as soon as they come into the world. The price of college tuition is sky-high and only going to get higher, so having money socked away to help pay for college is a worthy cause. 


While saving for your retirement may seem like a no-brainer to some, you’d be surprised at the number of people who leave it to the last minute or don’t save at all. Start your retirement savings account early so that you don’t have to struggle when you’re in your golden age and no longer working, because social security benefits very seldom pay the bills, and have enough left over to live comfortably. 

Medical Emergencies 

You never know when life is going to throw a medical emergency your way, and even if you have good insurance you’re still going to have to pay the deductible. On top of that, many medical emergencies end up with you being out of work or having bills that you didn’t have before. It’s better to prepare for those emergencies now than to wish you had done so later on down the line. 

Unemployment Periods

Anyone who thought that their job was safe was taken down when COVID-19 hit and unemployment statistics went through the roof. It’s important to open a savings account and put money in it for a rainy day. You never know when something is going to happen and you’ll be without an income for a period of time. It’s best to be prepared, don’t you think? 

These are just a few of the things that people open savings accounts to save for. Whatever your reason and whatever you choose to save for, you should do it as soon as possible, instead of putting it off. Besides, the more money you have socked away for whatever reason, the better you’ll feel in the long run.

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