5 Tips for Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Cleaning your house isn’t just about the interior, your exterior needs maintenance as well. Without regular upkeep, this could cost you in repairs in the future. Cleaning and maintaining your exterior also adds curb appeal and makes your home more inviting from the outside. Fall is a good season to do it as well, as your gutters might get clogged with leaves, and the weather is just about right for working outside. If your home could use a little TLC outside, here are five tips for cleaning the exterior. 

Use a pressure washer

A pressure washer is the best way to clean different parts of your exterior. These can include the walls, sidings, patio, decking, and driveway. It’s great for removing stubborn stains and mold. If you’re worried it’s going to be a big job, you could hire property services for a professional job to help clean your exterior once and for all. They will also be able to provide other cleaning services for your home or commercial property.

Clean out your gutters

If you’re looking for the best way to clean your gutters, as long as you have a safe ladder that is, it to clear out as much of the debris as possible. You can then wash them out with a garden hose thoroughly. Be careful of birds’ nests or wasps’ nests or any other insects and pests.  You might find something has made a little home in there during the summer. Without proper maintenance, your gutters could damage the roof and sides of your house. Give them a thorough inspection at least once a year. 

Clean the outside of your windows

In order to keep your windows clean and bright, you need to wash the exterior side as well. You can simply use warm soapy water and a sponge, or you could get a squeegee specifically made for cleaning windows. This can be a fair amount of work, however, so if you want a really good job done maybe it’s easier to hire a professional window cleaner. Alternatively, you can even use a pressure washer on your windows.

Refresh your decking 

It’s better not to neglect your decking, as this can be a great part of your house to enjoy on warmer days. Make sure you take the time to clean it and inspect it for any erosion or water damage. You can replace your decking yourself and restain it so it looks as good as new. Here are some more tips for deck maintenance.

Remove stains

You can remove stains from your driveway or paving using a degreaser, chemical stripper, or solvent. For less stubborn stains, you could try covering them in a drying agent, and then after a day, scrubbing them off with laundry detergent. Here is some more advice on how to remove stains from a driveway, patio, or concrete. Keep your outside floors spick and span as well. Your exterior needs cleaning, so make sure you take care of it once in a while.

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