4 Common Types of Cosmetic Surgery

People today seek to improve their image in various ways. It can be improving a lifestyle or changing what to eat. A traditional way to enhance once appearance is with the help of experts in the field of St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery.

Aside from having natural ways to beautify, it is always a doctor’s prescription to match beauty with a balanced outlook in life. Loving who you are, means paying attention to your physical flaws. Mostly if they affect your health.

Cosmetic Vs. Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is different from plastic surgery. Although the procedures target the same body parts, results are safer after. Cosmetic surgery procedures are one of the good alternatives.

Also, what you need to pay closer attention to is the use of the terms. Some plastic surgery practitioner will alter your option by presenting cosmetic plastic surgery. This is not a safe alternative. It all boils down to the process one will undergo.

Have a more in-depth basic knowledge of natural body contouring methods and their processes. Here discussed are the types of cosmetic surgeries.

1- Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation  While some would choose to opt for a more conventional tear drop breast augmentation procedure, a safer boob job is through fat transfer and excess skin removal. This procedure helps a woman who needs to either reduce or increase breast size.

A safer boob job is through fat transfer and excess skin removal. This procedure helps a woman who needs to either reduce or increase breast size.

Removing excess skin from the boob is also called mastopexy. This results in lifting the boob to prevent sogging. Those who came from breastfeeding suffers from the sogging boob. Some who need reduction are women who want proportionate breast size to height or weight. Thus, they need breast augmentation.

Breast implant or mammoplasty uses fat to add to the breast size. This uses the natural part of the body and does not need fake boobs to be implanted. Usually, the fat is taken are the butt or thigh, or sometimes upper arms.

Breast implants such as silicone or saline cause harmful effects. The fake boob can burst and leak saltwater compounds in your breast area. This is why others prefer this to a silicone implant.

Silicone, however, had caused a lot of concerns when side effects also harmed the patients. These are plastic surgeries that use “plastic” products to add more volume to the breast.

2- Liposuction, the Refined Method

Liposuction, this term is popular to all. Hearing that gives you goosebumps. Traditional lipo had been damaging and traumatic to others.

Now, have you heard of Jet Water Lipo, Vaser Lipo, or Cool Lipo? These are a refined alternative to the old-school liposuction. These methods departed from the tissue-damaging process and tools.

Take a deeper look at how Vaser Lipo is done. This lipo procedure is aided by ultrasound technology. A cannula rod is inserted in the target area.

The ultrasound vibrations will melt the fat. The rod is connected to a vacuum device, and it then sucks out the emulsified fat.

3- Butt Lift with Fat Transfer

Just like breast lift, butt augmentation can be safer now using fat transfer. A rounder buttock helps those who need more support in their bottom area. Sitting can be more comfortable. Flat butt sometimes contributes to back pain for some. Or sitting is painful when the butt is flat.

Another way around butt augmentation is reducing size. This one aids the process of fat transfer to another part as the breast. It makes the process efficient, as well. So, if you’re going to achieve perfect body proportion, you can increase the boob size and slim down the butt.

4- Face Lift

There is a natural way to remove wrinkles, sagging facial skin, or discoloration on the face. Traditionally, plastic surgery is a typical process for changing facial features. Today a safer procedure is through fat transfer to make pronounce facial outlines.

Fat transfer for facial contouring also helps those who want to have fuller lips, cheeks, or chin.

Being beautiful takes effort and sometimes facing your fears. But it does not have to put your health and safety at stake. Do research first and look for natural cosmetic surgeries the certified practitioners recommend.

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