This Is Why You Always Feel Tired Whenever You Wake Up

Do you wake up every morning with instant feelings of fatigue? You probably thought this was normal until you realized that other people feel refreshed after sleeping! Think about it, sleep is your body’s way of recharging your batteries. Waking up tired is the equivalent of charging your phone overnight, then waking up to see it’s still on 30%. Don’t assume this is normal as you’ll never end up changing things! You may have woken up once or twice feeling refreshed, but you just put that down to chance. Well, there are a few common reasons you feel tired every morning, most of which have nothing to do with how long you slept. 

How much sleep did you get?

If you sleep for four hours a night, you’ll always be tired. It’s as simple as that, and there’s no way to wake up feeling refreshed if you physically don’t sleep for that long. So, the cause of your tiredness could be an obvious thing like this. If it is, you need to sleep more.

Nevertheless, many of you are reading this while shaking your head. Sleep isn’t an issue – you get at least eight hours every night. In fact, you’ve often slept for ten hours and woken up feeling drowsy and tired. What could be the reason for this?! How does this happen? Below, you’ll find the two main causes of early-morning fatigue:

Waking up during your deep sleep cycle

When you’re asleep, you’re actually moving through different stages of a sleep cycle – this goes between NREM and REM sleep. NREM sleep refers to anything from very light sleeping to the deepest sleep possible. REM is the stage when we dream and your brain is more active. Waking up during the REM stage is ideal as your body is already almost awake. It doesn’t have to adjust, so it’s a natural progression from sleep to wakefulness. 

However, if you wake up during the deeper stage of your sleep cycle, you will feel shattered. Your body was not ready for this, your brain was shutting down, and suddenly you’re wide awake. The tiredness comes as your body is basically telling you that it needs to go back and progress through the sleep cycles again. To get a night of better sleep, avoid waking up during your deep sleep periods. This is only achievable by tracking your sleep cycles and then arranging your schedule around it. Then, you can plan to wake up during your REM and feel fresh as a daisy!


The second reason is less common, but you could be tired due to dehydration. You’ve already gone eight or so hours without any water, plus you lose a lot through sweating. However, if you didn’t drink any water for hours before bed, you could’ve gone half a day without taking on some fluids. This will make you feel exhausted, but it can be solved by drinking a few cups of water when you wake up. Obviously, you avoid this by avoiding dehydration and drinking lots of water throughout the day.

Hopefully, your tiredness should be a thing of the past after learning about this. Work on timing your sleep cycle to avoid waking up during the deep periods. Also, and this goes without saying, but sleep at least eight hours a night to refuel your body.

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