Reasons Why Your Child Should Play an Instrument

There are a lot of different activities and hobbies that you can get your child interested in as they grow up. But one of the best hobbies that you should consider, the one with the most benefits, might be surprising. What is the hobby you might ask? Making music.

Music offers children a lot of benefits as they grow from toddler to teenager. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should consider getting your child interested in music.

Gives them the confidence to express themselves

A lot of kids don’t allow themselves to show their true colors. Whether it be in the way that they dress or their opinions on the things that are happening in the world, you may not see who they really are. Things like this can make their lives as adults a lot more difficult. But by giving them a creative outlet, they will learn that they can say and do almost anything that they want without being judged for their actions. If you think that your child isn’t showing as much confidence in themselves as you hoped they would, you can give set them up with piano lessons for beginners and they will quickly adapt to this new lifestyle of creativity.

Increased memory

Playing an instrument requires a lot of memory. Your child will need to remember the hand placements, the hand movements when playing certain tunes, and they will need to remember songs and sheet music without looking. If your child has problems remembering things, getting them an instrument is a great way to help them improve their memory. This increased memory will help your child later in life too. When they go to college, or when they get a job, the memory skill will be something that sticks around with them forever.

Better coordination

A lot of kids have problems with hand and eye coordination when they are growing up. This is a common issue that kids have and they can easily grow out of it. However, the earlier you have them learn an instrument, the quicker they learn to coordinate better. Even if you don’t think that your child has bad coordination, having an instrument at a young age can help improve coordination in the future.


Children are known to be quite reckless with certain objects. Giving them the responsibility of taking care of an animal is a big risk. However, giving them the responsibility of taking care of an instrument is a lot safer. They will learn that if they are too harsh with it, the instrument will break. They will also learn that certain instruments need to be tended to and cared for after hours and hours of use.

Better reading skills

There is a lot of studying and reading that goes into playing an instrument. You not only need to read the sheet music, but you need to learn how to read the sheet music by reading a guide. You need to learn what all of the symbols are and what they stand for. This is going to be the most difficult challenge your child will have to face when they are learning how to play their instrument, but it will help them in the long run.

There are many more reasons why giving your child an instrument, or signing them up for classes, can be beneficial to them as they grow up and become an adult. However, these are some of the biggest benefits that you will see as they grow closer with their instrument.

Whether your child decides on playing the guitar, a violin, or the piano, they will experience a lot of changes. They will listen better, they will learn quicker, and they will read and coordinate with ease. These are all things that you can count on seeing when they get serious about playing the instrument of their choosing. And if you are worried about the prices of instruments, don’t be. There is always a cheaper alternative to expensive options when you are a beginner. Just make sure to enroll your child in a beginner’s class before purchasing the instrument and you should never run into a problem.

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