7 Tips to Refresh Your Older Home

While there are a lot of reasons to love an older home, there are also many things that frequently need an update. In order to make your home a place where you love to be in your modern lifestyle, there are a few things that just cannot be left as they are. Here are our seven greatest tips for updating your home and giving a fresh new atmosphere to an older residence.

1. Go for a Monochromatic Palette

Wooden paneling is a common feature in an older home, but it can feel stuffy and too traditional for modern sensibilities. Instead, opt for a palette of just one color. Painting your paneling and mantels in the same color as your walls is a great way to start over with a “blank slate.” These heavy wood details add to the charm of a home, and in one color, you get the detail of the wood without the busy effect of too many different hues.

2. Update Your Doorways

As the entrance into a room, the doorway should be inviting and welcoming. To give a facelift to older doors, consider replacing them entirely or in part. The first thing you must understand is how to measure a door. You then simply choose the best one for your decor. Doors should fit into your style and what you want your rooms to say.

3. Bring Your Kitchen Into the 21st Century

In a lot of homes, the kitchen is considered the heart. It is where memories are made and bonds are strengthened. should it not be a modern, playful room in your home? While older fixtures and appliances can be charming, they can often break down or stop working when it is least convenient for you. Add some smart appliances that can make your life easier and decorate it in a bright, sunny color that will elevate the mood of anyone who goes in there.

4. Add Cool Storage Solutions

Even though they might require more work than simply slapping on a fresh coat of paint, the storage in your home is not to be underestimated. Hidden drawers, built-in bookcases, coat racks and other fun storage solutions can make your home seem larger and do away with a lot of your clutter. Not only can these ideas for storing away your belongings create a lot more space for you, but they can also create a place for you to put things and have them hidden from view.

5. Find and Highlight the Natural Beauty

The landscaping of an older home may not be something you pay a lot of attention to, but as Martha Stewart shows us in her palatial Maine estate, that is a mistake. By adding some cheery blooms and comfortable seating in your yard, you can elevate the whole aspect of your home. It can be at once inviting to guests and a joy for you to relax in the great outdoors.

6. Rely More Heavily on Natural Light

A lot of older homes have small windows that do not let a lot of light from the sun in. Consider doing a whole overhaul on your windows, or adding a few strategically placed

skylights around your home. Curtains can be fun and exciting, but they can also block the flow of air and light. Some designers have opted for enlarging windows altogether, but you can get an equally fantastic effect by replacing some panes and adding some Dutch doors. In the summer, leaving a Dutch door half open is a great way to let the light in.

7. Update Your Stairs

As a part of your home that transitions from the upstairs to the downstairs, your steps are a well-traveled and often forgotten part of your home. Revamp tired flights of stairs by repainting them and replacing a worn runner. Your stairs should have a clean look to match the rest of your home.

Living in an older home can be enchanting but it can also come with a lot of problems. Use these simple tips to give the whole home a fresh new look and take it into the modern era.

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