4 Ways Your Skincare Routine Is Making Things Worse

The biggest healthcare mistake? Not having a beauty routine. You have a thorough strategy, so you’re good. Your skin is fine and there’s no need to worry. If only this were true. Unfortunately, you continue to notice flaws and blemishes that didn’t exist before. Suddenly, you’re beginning to question the effectiveness of your routine.

Hundreds of women, and men, recognize issues and fail to act. The reason is simple – it’s tempting to assume you have the bases covered. After all, you moisturize, wear SPF regularly, and attempt to avoid alcohol and cigarette misuse. Okay, you’re not perfect, but nobody is. At least you’re working hard.

As commendable as it is to invest in a skin care program, it’s counterproductive if the hacks are unhealthy. That’s the biggest mistake. Of course, you may not know whether you’re making things better or worse as even flare-ups can be tough to pinpoint. This only makes you more stressed, and stress is a major contributor to bad skin!

The key, aside from lowering your cortisol levels, is to research the errors and eradicate them. When you do, you can finally be safe in the knowledge that you’re helping your skin, not hindering it. Here are four things you may assume are good that make the situation worse.

Moisturizing During The Day

The lotion is great for your pores, so there’s nothing wrong with slapping it on at any point during the day. The more, the merrier! In reality, there is a designated period when you should apply moisturizer. Doing it before or after doesn’t have much of an effect, other than clogging cells and making your face greasy and oily.

The ideal time to use lotion is as soon as you get out of the shower as the pores are open and ready to absorb nutrients. As a result, it locks in the goodness and leaves your skin looking and feeling as soft as a baby’s butt! If you miss the window, you lower the odds of the moisturizer working.

The side-effects, among other things, include dry, blotchy skin as the water in your skin disappears as soon as it hits the warm air. Also, applying lotions randomly isn’t healthy for your pores. Too much cream will have the opposite effect, which is why it’s better to stick to a single time slot.

Of course, if you shower twice a day, there’s nothing wrong with topping up your skin’s moisture levels.

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Rushing Through The Steps

Sure, you get credit for having a routine and sticking to it. Well done! However, if you go through the motions, you may want to hold off before patting yourself on the back. The trick is to invest in your skincare program regardless of the time of day or how you feel. There will be a period where you want to down tools, yet it’s vital that you remember the following:

  • You can end up skipping important steps
  • You can tug on your skin
  • You can apply products unevenly 

If you’re not sure why these are important, it’s because all of the above can result in dry skin, patchy blotches, rashes, and acne. And, that’s only a handful of the consequences. Depending on your body, the issues could escalate out of control, and that’s when it’s hard to put the genie back in the bottle.

For acne, when your pimples transform into breakouts, you’ll attempt to cover them with concealer. Sadly, the chemicals from the makeup will increase the number of bacteria, meaning the spots could get worse. The good news is, you can breathe or walk away for a moment to gather your thoughts. These techniques provide perspective and stop you from going through the motions.

Believing The Adverts

An ad pops up on TV and grabs your attention. According to the narrator, it’s a miracle elixir that will prevent your skin from aging and make you appear younger in a couple of uses. As much as you know it’s probably not true, you can’t help but invest in the “facts.” After all, if the ad is correct, you don’t want to miss out and age ungracefully.

You know this already, but the manufacturer and supplier have a vested interest in making their products appear as essential as possible. By believing their propaganda, you’re putting your health at risk because you’re not searching for the items that could revolutionize your skincare routine.

If you’re looking for anti-aging and wrinkle treatments that work, it’s crucial that you research the ingredients and the impact they’ll have on your skin type, age, and beauty concern. As a rule, it’s better to opt for plant-based formulas since they are organic and don’t include harmful chemicals.

Water isn’t the exotic cure you assume will eliminate the signs of aging, yet it’s incredibly healthy as your moisture levels affect everything from collagen production to quality of sleep. Sticking to a simple routine to soothe skin is often best.

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Investing In Short-term Fixes

A short-term solution such as picking spots is now, thankfully, advertised as being bad for your skin. While the pimple may disappear, picking it only leads to dryness and the chances of inflammation. You know about this, yet there are several that you may not understand because they’re not as well-circulated.

An unhealthy one is the sun. Lots of women see the effects of increased natural light after a vacation and think they should expose themselves to UV rays more often. Sadly, the higher the temperature, the more likely your skin is to be dehydrated. Plus, there is a cell mutation factor.

Another “solution” is not applying moisturizer with SPF as it’s greasier. Even if it feels heavier, the sun protection is essential to your skin as too much sunlight has massive consequences, especially in the long-term. Plus, there are plenty of incredible formulas that implement SPF properties that are non-greasy.

When you see a short-term fix as healthy, you should check yourself and ask, “will it do damage further down the line?”

Do you have skincare habits that are making things worse?

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