3 Health Risks to Consider Before Installing a Swimming Pool: How to Have a Safe Summer


A backyard pool is a luxury item that every homeowner deserves to have because it provides a relaxing way for families to bond and make memories. While swimming is a fun activity, it is important to keep your backyard pool safe to minimize safety hazards. This is especially important to a household that has young children, as the CDC ranks drowning as the fifth cause of accidental death in the United States. Keep reading to discover the three safety precautions every pool owner should take to keep their swimming pool area safe and hazard-free.

1. Have a pool water treatment plan

Swimmer’s ear is a bacterial infection that affects the ear canal. Although it is often contracted from swimming in bacteria-laden lakes, and rivers, it can also be contracted from unchlorinated, or unfiltered swimming pool or hot tub water. When this contaminated water fails to drain from the ear canal, it can cause an ear infection as the moist environment created in the inner ear allows for the proliferation of bacteria.

This infection manifests as an inflamed inner ear and can cause further damage to the tiny hair cells found in the inner ear, responsible for sound transmission. Not only is this inflammation excruciatingly painful, but it could also cause progressive hearing impairment, such as hearing loss.

Hearing Health USA is an independent, board-certified audiology company with hearing health centers across the country. Their audiologists and hearing specialists have years of experience in diagnosing and treating a variety of hearing problems and conditions. To promote better hearing for you or a loved one, book a hearing test appointment with one of their audiologists at a hearing health clinic in your area. If necessary, their hearing specialists will conduct a professional hearing test and judging from the results, fit you with new hearing aids that are water-resistant, or waterproof.

Swimming can be a safe and fun summer activity if you take the proper precautions to protect your hearing health. Carry out regular pool maintenance, treat your pool water, and filter it. Where needed, use water-compatible earplugs or hearing aids and know how to safely drain water from your ear. These measures will prove useful in reducing your chances of contracting an ear infection that could potentially lead to hearing loss.

2. Use the services of a reputable pool contractor

Once you decide to have a pool installed, it is important to do your research before settling on a pool contractor. Ask family and friends for referrals, or search the Better Business Bureau directory of pool builders for licensed contractors in your area like Premier Pools & Spas Phoenix Pool Builders. Consider their years of experience, costs, and ask the prospective installer for references to their previous work. If you are in Florida, the go-to pool builder is Olympus Pools.

Olympus Pools is a family-owned custom pool builder out of Sarasota County, Florida. Their years of experience in designing one-of-a-kind water features like waterfalls, pools, and spas give you the reassurance you need to trust them with the task of installing the pool of your dreams right in your backyard. The Sarasota pool builders offer free estimates for new pool installations and renovations. They pride themselves in their excellent customer service and will be happy to meet you and offer valuable suggestions for your new pool designs. For any questions you have about home pool installation, reach out to them through their website and they will be happy to attend to you.

3. Child-proof your swimming area

An automatic pool safety cover not only keeps your family safe, but it also prevents debris from contaminating your pool. While a pool safety cover does not replace adult supervision as a pool area safety measure, it does work to keep your pool area safe when left unattended.

A swimming pool net is an important pool safety measure that will prevent your child and pet from falling into the pool. A pool safety net has tiny mesh openings such that, even if your child were to fall on the pool net, these tiny holes would make it impossible for them to pass through, making it difficult for young children to actually fall into the water. Pool safety nets are low cost, easy to install and maintain while guaranteeing the ultimate reward, child pool safety.

If you have children below the age of 14, install a pool and spa fence to separate the swimming pool and spa area from the rest of the backyard. Most building codes recommend that you have your fence five feet high. For added safety, install automatic locks and gates to the pool fence to ensure unattended children do not have access to the pool area. Automatic locks also carry the added benefit of alerting you when someone else accesses the pool area.

In addition to the measures listed above, make sure that your child can swim and that a sober adult is always present to watch your children as they play in the water.

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