Simple Decor Tips to Bring a Little of the Outdoors in Your Home

Who would’ve thought that bringing elements from outdoors would ever be a “thing?” Well, the truth of the matter is that as times change, so does the evolution of home decor.

For example, chandeliers were, at one point, only meant to be in formal dining and living rooms or entryways… Now, people hang them in bathrooms and bedrooms just to add that touch of elegance in “unusual” places. As the evolution of the chandelier has emerged, so has the element of outdoor design in interior design.

Bringing the outdoors indoors may seem like an unnatural concept for home decor, but if there’s one thing you can’t deny about the outdoors is its natural beauty. If you enjoy gazing at the natural outdoor elements, just imagine how beautiful some of those elements would look in your home.

The thing to understand about this particular design concept is that it’s not like going outside and picking up leaves in your yard and putting them in a jar and calling it “decor.” Interior design and decor with outdoor elements encompass a wide array of trends and styles.

If you’re still torn on the design concepts behind this type of decor, let’s dig a little deeper to help you see the potential beauty of your home’s interiors with the natural beauty of outdoor elements.

Ways to Bring the Beauty of Outdoor Elements in Your Home

Tease Your Senses With Outdoor Elements

You were probably thinking that bringing the outdoors in your home consisted only of things you can see and touch but no, incorporating the beauty of the outdoors can be done by reaching all your senses.

To incorporate outdoor elements that appeal to your senses, you, of course, will incorporate elements you can see and feel but you can also incorporate the sense of smell and hearing. Incense, potpourri, and candles will entice your sense of smell and make you feel like you’re becoming one with nature, whether it’s the scent of exotic flowers or fresh rain.

To further entice your senses, you can also incorporate your sense of hearing as well. Have you ever just sat and listened to the sound of rain? It’s so calming and relaxing. Now, imagine incorporating this sound while you’re relaxing at home. There are CDs and apps you can download to give you sounds of rainstorms, beach waves, and wind to create a relaxing environment right at home.

Let Natural Light Brighten Your Living Spaces

Whether it’s winter or summer, you should never underestimate just how much natural light can completely transform the look of a home. If you’re going to start incorporating natural light more, consider curtains or drapery that are sheer, that way you can still enjoy the beautiful light without making your home too hot, especially during the hot summer months.

You, of course, can opt for third-party retail energy providers, to aid in keeping your home cooler without an astronomical electric bill but in reference to interior design, invest in sheer curtains and try to incorporate cooler color in your decor. Hues of blue are cool colors reminiscent of the sky and water, and they don’t hold lots of heat like darker colors.

Incorporate Greenery in Your Home

Incorporating greenery into your home is probably the most common way people bring the outdoors indoors, and understandably so. Not only do plants enhance the overall appearance of your home but having plants in your home is actually good for your health. Whether you choose to plant medicinal plants and herbs or standard house plants, there’s no denying all the wonderful benefits they provide.

According to, having plants in your home have been scientifically proven to improve your immune system and mental health as well as help you focus more and increase your overall productivity.

A vase full of roses or a hanging plant can both enhance the look of your home’s interiors and, of course, make your home smell great and improve the air quality too. Depending on the type of plants or flowers you incorporate into your home, they can actually change the design style of your home as well.

For example, maybe your home’s design style is French Country but depending on the type of plants or flowers you incorporate into your design and how many you add, it could easily shift your design style from French Country to Bohemian.

So when incorporating outdoor elements into your home, especially, plants, make sure to have your home’s design style in mind and add greenery that fits the overall design of your home.

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