Why a Miniature French Bulldog Is a Good Family Pet

There are those families that cannot do without a pet. It does not matter how many members of the family there are, but they want to have a pet or several for companionship. Although there are different types of pets, dogs are the most popular. A breed that most people prefer is the Miniature French Bulldog. Here are a few benefits of owning one:

1. They Are Not Noisy

A calm environment gives you room to relax and plan your moves. This environment can be affected by noise that comes from different places such as moving vehicles, barking dogs, loud music, and more. If you own a Miniature French Bulldog, you do not have to worry about the added noise. These dogs bark less than many breeds. They are ideal for families that embrace quiet environments.

2. They Are Friendly to Kids

Kids are fragile and cannot withstand aggression. Frenchies are an expensive breed but are a good fit for child companionship. They are gentle and playful, which makes them less scary to children.

They can keep your children entertained for a long time and their clown-like personality makes them suitable for children of all ages.

3. They Are Ideal for Apartment Dwellers

Apartments are not as spacious and involve sharing a building with other tenants, so everyone needs their space and privacy. If you live in an apartment and need a dog, this one is your type.

They are calm and do not go snooping around your neighbor’s property. Therefore, you do not have to worry about quarreling with your neighbors because your pet is ill-mannered.

4. They Do Not Shed a Lot of Hair

Some family members can be allergic to pet hair. A French Bulldog does not cause these problems because it does not shed their fur like long-haired dogs. Its short coat allows it to produce minimal hair that is easy to manage.

Other than causing allergy, it also helps in keeping your air filters free from blocks. However, always empty your air filter to avoid compromising the quality of air at your home.

5. They Are Ideal for Introverts

If one or many of your family members do not like exploring outdoors, these dogs are the best companions. They require minimal exercise to keep them healthy. This breed prefers relaxing and cuddling with the owner. If you love binge-watching or passive leisure, here is your perfect match.

6. They Provide Security

Frenchies have tiny bodies, but that does not imply they are helpless. They are loyal and protective of their owners. So, while training them, you should let them be acquainted with members of your family.

Otherwise, you will risk having them attacked by your French Bulldog. If they suspect a stranger in your compound, they are strong enough to attack and scare them away.

7. They Are Easy to Maintain

We all know about those expensive dog products needed to take care of a dog. Luckily, for a Frenchie, you do not have to worry about those. Minimal maintenance requirements are needed since you only brush its fur, and that is it.

Of course, you need to wash it weekly to make it look fresh and energetic. Its fur can be shiny even after brushing. The dog’s natural oils become evenly distributed when you brush.

8. They Are Sociable With Other Pets

If other family members have different types of pets, you do not have to worry about their co-existence. French bulldogs are sociable and can accommodate other pets without attacking them. This character leaves everyone happy because they are confident about the safety of their other pets around a Frenchie.

However, you have to expose them to proper socialization to ensure they blend in well with them.

9. They Are Smart

Miniature French Bulldogs are quick to learn and retain knowledge. When compared to their “bully” group of dogs, they emerge the smartest. They pick up tricks quickly, such that if you make a mistake during training, they will not follow.

They can be stubborn which some people may confuse with being dumb. Instead of forcing them to learn, be patient until they start cooperating.

Evidently, owning a miniature French bulldog is terrific. Families looking forward to owning a pet dog should consider having this type.

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