Make Your Small Home More Spacious and Modern

If you own a small home, don’t be scared to make big changes. Many homeowners are wary of modifying smaller properties, as they don’t want to reduce the square footage or make the area seems smaller than it really is.

However, there are endless innovative ways to enhance a small property. If you favor contemporary design, you’ll be thrilled with these inventive ways to make your small home more modern:

Plan Your Property

Plan the interior design throughout the entire property, rather than focusing on one room at a time. This is beneficial in properties of any size but it’s particularly important for smaller homes. When every inch of space counts, you’ll want to ensure that you use the square footage wisely.

By planning the design of your home in its entirety, you can make sure that there is sufficient flow throughout the property and choose décor that enhances, rather than diminishes, the space that’s available.

Use Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are a great way to make small spaces feel bigger, so they’re ideal for cozier properties. You can brighten up your décor with bold prints and bright accessories, so neutral tones never need to be drab or dull. Instead, they can be the perfect backdrop to a spacious and inviting living area, bedroom, or home office.

Remove Radiators

Standard radiators typically hang from the wall and can interrupt the flow of a room. Furthermore, they encroach on the space and make them less user-friendly, which can have a big impact in small rooms. Choose underfloor heating or a contemporary radiator that acts as a focal point if you want to maximize the space while still keeping it functional.

Install Solar Panels

While you’re in the process of making your home more contemporary, why not make it more energy efficient too? With help from solar installers, you can transform your property quickly and effortlessly. Modern building designs are known for their minimal carbon footprint and increased energy efficiency, so this is an ideal way to make your home more contemporary.

Make the Most of Natural Light

Natural light instantly makes a home feel bigger, so make the most of it wherever you can. If you want to retain some privacy, choose opaque blinds or shades. These will allow natural light to flow into the room but keep your property private at the same time. If you’re planning home renovations, consider installing bi-fold or tri-fold doors, as these maximize the amount of light than can enter your property. Alternatively, you can install new windows in various rooms and increase the amount of sunlight you can enjoy.

Select Compact Furniture

If your living or dining areas are relatively small, you won’t want large, chunky furniture taking up too much space. As well as giving you less functional space, big furniture draws attention away from the design of the room and makes it feel more cluttered. Nordic and Japanese furniture styles are ideal in smaller homes because they offer a contemporary and compact feel. What’s more – they’re a terrific way to stay on trend!

Install Mirrors

Mirrors are an effective way to reflect natural light, so they can be used to make rooms feel brighter and more open, not to mention much bigger than they really are. With plenty of decorative options available, it’s easy to find modern frames that suit your style. Hang them on the wall or over fireplaces, or simply lean them against the wall to create a contemporary feature.

Use Your Outdoor Space

If you have a garden, courtyard, or even a driveaway, be sure to use it to your advantage. A garden or courtyard is effectively another room in the Spring and Summer months, so make sure you have outdoor furniture on hand to make use of the space available. Again, bi-fold and tri-fold doors are a great addition for these purposes, as they open up your home and instantly make your outdoor space more inviting.

While you may not want to host an al fresco dinner on your driveway, you can still use the space to enhance your property. Add outdoor lighting, potted plants, and decorative stones to showcase your property and add curb appeal.

If you have a big enough garden, you could have a garden room to give you more space. Outdoor rooms are popular options for home offices. If you’re going to put electrical equipment out there, just make sure you work with a skilled metal roofing company to keep everything waterproof.

Make Your Hallway a Feature

Many homeowners overlook the importance of the hallway in a property, which means they miss out on the benefits a well-dressed hall can offer. This is the area of your home that you’ll pass through as you leave and enter, so it’s important that it feels welcoming and homely. Furthermore, it’s the first part of the interior that your visitors will see, so you’ll want it to make a good impression.

Hallways can be rather dark, so focus on installing sufficient lighting first. Don’t forget – mirrors reflect any form of lighting, so you can rely on them to make your hallway feel bigger too. With compact furniture and decorative artwork, your hallway can encapsulate the modern design you’ve chosen for your home.


Give Your Kitchen a Modern Makeover

They say the kitchen is the heart of your home, so make it a critical part of your modern makeover and enjoy it all the more,  too. Brushed metal countertops or stainless-steel appliances will instantly make your kitchen feel more contemporary. Here, you can use neutral tones with strong accent colors to make the area feel more spacious and interesting. By opting for slimline or compact appliances, you can even create more space in your kitchen and enhance its functionality.

Create a More Contemporary Home Now

Modern designs encompass minimalism, clean lines, and clutter-free design, which is why they’re so effective in smaller homes. By following these design themes, you can make the most of the space you have and ensure it’s as functional as possible. In addition to this, a modern feel will ensure your home always feels like its been carefully designed and well-thought-out. No matter what size your property is, you can be sure that these savvy tips will help you to create a modern and contemporary home.


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