Best Ways to Encourage Kids to Get Exercise

Active kids are more healthy, happy, and energetic. But in today’s world, it can be difficult to break them away from their electronic devices long enough to get them moving. And as obesity and health issues continue to play a role within our youth, it is vital that kids are active on a daily basis. Consider these helpful tips to increase the level of fitness within your own children.

Cut Down Leisure Time

Sometimes you have to cut down in one area in order to make time for another. For example, if your child spends their days chatting away on the telephone, limit their talk time to one hour per day. Putting time constraints on electronic devices will also free up time for physical activity.

Enroll Them Into Sports

Sports teams are a godsend when it comes to keeping children active. Unlike professional sports, parents can get their children involved by simply signing them up and possibly paying a reasonable fee. There are various teams to choose from, including basketball, football, cheerleading, and tennis, and the list goes on. Each sport comes with a unique set of rewards, and children tend to take a lot of pride in becoming a part of a team effort. Organized play is also a great way for kids to learn social skills. What’s more, coaches are motivational by design, giving parents a break from having to force their children to participate.

Purchase Them a Bike

Bike riding is a genius method for convincing a child to work out as it is so entertaining that they could easily ride for 45 minutes without even realizing it. Biking is not only a strength builder, but it is also a means for getting a healthy dose of nature. Just remember to consult a bicycle size chart before buying bikes for your kids so that you don’t risk their safety.

Play Exercise Videos

Kids love a good follow along. Exercise videos are perfect for children who are shy, lack physical confidence, or feel more comfortable in private settings. It is also a budget-friendly option that allows viewers to get expert training from the comfort of their own homes.

Make It a Family Event

Child fitness is just as important as adult fitness. That said, combining workout efforts is like tackling two important chores at once. And as we all know, kids aspire to be like their parents and older siblings and will mimic them in various ways. Implementing a family exercise schedule is a great way to bond while achieving physical health. You can also sign up for classes together or become one of the coaches of your child’s sports team. Having you close by will encourage them to stick with it and try their best to gain your ongoing support.

Invite Their Friends

Most children are social butterflies or have at least one friend that they would travel to the end of the world and back with. This is why including their friends will make for a better turn out. You can simply make a trip to the local park, host sporting events, or even ask their friends to join them as they complete their activity session.

Kids are equipped with the energy levels that most adults would die for, and it is up to parents to introduce active lifestyles to their children, no matter how challenging the task may be. If your child doesn’t like basketball, try soccer. If that fails, try gymnastics. You can start your child out by looking at some gymnastics practice mats. Be willing to switch and bend until they find something that interests them as the reward for remaining active is invaluable.

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