Why you should try using bamboo floss

Young woman flossing her teeth , close up , isolated on white background

We all love it when our teeth are healthy and we can take our meals comfortably and with ease. We also love it when our teeth are white and look healthy. Other than brushing your teeth regularly, there are many other things that one needs to do to ensure that their oral health is maintained. Flossing your teeth is a good step to make sure that plaque does not build up and lead to tartar. This would eventually lead to loss of teeth due to decay. Now, when you floss your teeth regularly, it ensures that areas that are not easily reached by your toothbrush are cleaned and plaque removed. You may need to read bamboo floss facts for you to understand the benefits of flossing.

In this article, we shall discuss the advantages of using bamboo floss to ensure healthy teeth. You will benefit from regular flossing as it is one of the steps that help you to maintain general body health. And when you use bamboo floss, you are assured of better results as compared to the regular floss.

Here are reasons why you should use bamboo floss:

It is Compostable and has sustainable bamboo fiber

This is a very important aspect of the bamboo floss that makes it better than the other options. The packaging and the floss itself are good for the environment, as opposed to the common plastics used in the manufacture of the regular floss. The regular floss is made from Teflon or nylon, and as we are all aware, these are not environmentally friendly. You will be happy to know that bamboo floss is compostable and starts to decompose after just 60 to 90 days after disposal.

Another good thing with the use of bamboo floss is that it is made from environmentally sustainable material. The fact that bamboo grows quickly means that it is sustainable and good for the environment. This is cheaper and more sustainable when compared to plastics, regardless of their recyclability.

It has organic ingredients and wax

For the people who choose to use bamboo floss, they will be happy to note that this floss is waxed and appropriately flavored for a better teeth cleaning experience. For those who choose EcoRoots bamboo floss, they will enjoy its candelilla plant wax and the fact that it is flavored with tea tree oils and peppermint.  Most of the bamboo floss in the market has other infused components such as charcoal to give it better cleaning power. With the use of organic peppermint, you can be sure that the floss will help prevent gum irritation and remove germs. Bacteria and fungus are fought through the tea tree oil.

You will enjoy zero-waste packaging

Other than the above ingredients, you will also be happy to enjoy your bamboo floss with its plastic-free packaging. With the craft paper box packaging, this is a waste-free product that should benefit the whole family. You will also get it in a refillable and recyclable glass jar where you will only need to cut the floss that you need and cover the jar. This is good for long-term sustainability.

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