What are the benefits of having plants in your home?

Gone are the days when everyone thought plants belonged outdoors – gardens and farms. Now, plants are easy to access, and even a plant hire from Advance Plant Services is possible. Plants can be kept in offices and most especially houses because of the fantastic benefits.

In addition to the beauty and life plants add to spaces they occupy, there are a lot of other benefits.

Why would you want to have plants anywhere, especially in your home? These six benefits will reveal why.

1. Improving air quality

When thinking of improving air quality, the first call may be to open the windows and ensure natural ventilation. However, that medium may not always be convenient and that where plants come in. Plants have a large surface area – enough for the exchange of water and gases, thus increasing humidity and carbon dioxide levels. This also reduces air-bone dust levels, keeping temperatures down and generally improving air quality.

2. Relieve stress

Research has shown that plants help reduce stress levels by absorbing carbon dioxide and cleansing the air. Plants naturally purify the air and may be able to remove up to 80% of volatile toxins from the air, thus detoxifying the air and provides an overall cleaner environment which helps relieve stress and anxiety.

3. Used for decoration

Plants make beautiful house decors, and indoor plants require little attention, as they don’t need so much sunlight or watering. They can be put into pretty containers and placed at various places in the house – In the living room, at the entrance of the house or hanging on the door. It beautifies the area by turning empty spaces into clean, detoxified spaces.

4. Breathe easily

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day during photosynthesis, thus creating access to oxygen more. Some plants specifically do this and to work better, can be placed in bedrooms and rooms that people spend more time. This benefit creates an unwritten rule that plants and humans should be in the same space.

5. Increases focus

Now that working culture has changed with more people working from home, having plants in a home can improve productivity. Plants also help increase concentration, mainly because working from home comes with a lot of distractions. There’s a theory that when there are plants on a desk, it serves as a right attention shift for a concentration boost.

6. Reduce colds

Plants can humidify the air and decrease the dust particles, which may have viruses that cause colds and coughs. Some indoor plants give off a soothing feeling to the mind and body, reducing blood pressure and respiratory disorders. Some studies show that keeping plants such as Eucalyptus in bedrooms help to reduce congestion in the chest, thus clearing the air pathways.

Examples of some great indoor plants are Peace lily, English ivy, Chrysanthemum, Mother-in-law’s tongue, bamboo palm, Azalea, Spider plant, Aglaonema, Dracaena, Ferns, Philodendrons, Palms, Pothos, Spathiphyllum, Succulents, etc.

An aesthetically-pleasing environment, detoxified air, better sleep and a healthier environment are some of the amazing benefits of having plants around the house. There are no negatives when it comes to getting plants for a home.

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