Simple Ways to Drastically Improve Your Home’s Appearance

Your home is where you live, where you make memories and share stories. So it should look good, right? You and your guests want to spend time in an appealing house. Or maybe you’re planning to sell your home, and it needs a little lift. Hiring an interior designer, landscaper, or even painters is expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, you don’t need to hire anyone to improve your home’s appeal!

A few simple, quick, and relatively inexpensive projects can totally change your house. The best part? You can do them yourself!

Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing kitchen cabinet doors can have revitalizing effects on the look and feel of a kitchen. Painting your cabinets and replacing handles can also completely change the appearance of your kitchen. You can choose a plain, neutral color, or a fun, bright color for a unique look. This whole project is reasonably priced and is easily completed in a day or two. You could completely replace the cabinet doors while keeping the rest of the cabinet if you want a different material or wood type. This project is a little more expensive, but if you’re looking for something closer to a total remodel, this could be a good option.

Exterior Appearance

The outside of your house, lawn, porch, flower beds, etc., is the first thing both you and your guests see. So it makes sense that you would want it to look nice. Landscaping your whole lawn is expensive and time-consuming, but keeping your front yard looking nice doesn’t have to include all that. Fixing up your home’s exterior can be as simple as some potted plants on the porch, or putting in some new window boxes. Hanging plants can be a fun addition, or painting your front door a newer, brighter color can completely change the appeal of your exterior.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Repainting is the most inexpensive way to completely change the whole room. A dark blue can make a room feel more elegant, and a pale yellow could add more light and sunshine to a darker room with few windows. Neutral colors are a good choice if you are planning on selling your home, and even though they may not be as fun or exciting, a fresh coat of eggshell white will make the whole room seem cleaner and newer.

Good Lighting

If a room is too dark, the whole place seems less inviting. Adding a floor or table lamp is the cheapest and easiest option, but if you have some knowledge of wiring, you could install a new ceiling light fixture to brighten up the room. Adding more light makes everything seem more inviting, and lamps are available in every style imaginable, so you’re sure to find something to match your house.


Plants are scientifically proven to improve your mood. Potted flowers brighten, green leafy plants add serenity. A few houseplants will add some life to an otherwise bland house. Use multiple plants with different colors and heights for depth. Add brightly colored flowers for a pop, or some dark green leaves for a more natural look. Make sure to research how much water and sunlight your plants need so that they stay alive and happy.

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