Simple Additions and Subtractions for Healthier Living

Despite having a better healthcare system, grown-ups today are at a higher risk of suffering from lifestyle-related diseases. Parents don’t cook because it takes too long. We avoid exercise because we’re too tired. Most of us know better, but we do it anyway. 

Healthier living for busy moms and dads comes down to basic arithmetic. If you want to make your life better, add and subtract the following things from your life:


More Exercise

The best thing you can give your body is exercise. When you work out, you breathe in and out more often. As a result, the supply of oxygen in your body increases, and your heart beats more efficiently. Constant breathing also helps to improve lung health. Daily exercise also gives you the energy to go beyond your limits. You’ll do more without getting exhausted.

Healthy Supplements

The human body requires certain supplements to function at its best. For example, your body needs Vitamin D to process calcium and promote good bone health. Vitamin D can also help to prevent muscular problems. The recommended daily dosage is 800 IU. You can get this from the Vitamin D supplements. Another supplement that you should have is psyllium husk. The benefits of whole psyllium husk include better digestion and cardiovascular health.

Nutritious Foods

Supplements and healthy foods are complementary. You can’t take one and leave the other. Include some kales, broccoli, spinach, and Brussels sprouts to complement the psyllium husks. Both have a very high fiber content to help prevent constipation. Find alternatives to snacks loaded with sugar and fat. You should also add lean protein to your diet. Unlike other meat, lean protein has fewer calories. You should also eat more fruits and fish to improve your vitamin and Omega-3 intake.



Never let life become too stressful. That’s because stress can increase your blood pressure and expose you to cardiovascular problems. Stress happens because you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities. You’re scared that you may not achieve all that’s required of you. Avoid thinking that way. You don’t have to do everything on that day or achieve perfect scores. Create a plan that will help you complete all your tasks and responsibilities and play it safe. Find out what your insurance covers like seeing a physical therapist or a chiropractor to take care of your physical health too. 

Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Unfortunately, some people can’t cope with stress without smoking a cigarette or drinking a shot of vodka. If you want to live a better life, remove these things from your life. When you stop drinking too much alcohol, your relationships will improve as being intoxicated leads to bad behaviors which can push people away from you. When you stop smoking cigarettes, your breathing gets better and your lungs slowly heal themselves. As a result, you reduce the risk of dying from lung cancer. You can try non-tobacco nicotine pouches as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Junk Food

Everywhere you look, there’s a fast-food restaurant. It’s hard not to get tempted. However, if you cook healthy foods at home, you won’t feel the need to buy junk food. When you remove junk food from your diet, you improve your cardiovascular health. Fast foods use a lot of oil, which can lead to blockage of the arteries. Fast foods also drain your energy. When you stop eating junk food, your skin will look better.

You have the power to make your life better. The foods you eat and the way you handle challenges will determine your health. If you want to be happy, you should exercise more often to increase your endurance and energy levels. Eat nutritious foods and dietary supplements to improve digestion and reduce the risk of obesity. Avoid junk food for better heart and skin health. Control your emotions by taking deep breaths. Don’t be overwhelmed by stress. Finally, avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol for better organ health.

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