Questions To Ask When Buying a New Build Property

A new build property is an enticing prospect. Everything is brand new, there are no repairs needed, you can personalise aspects, there is warranty cover, and being the first owners is an added emotional high. Still, the buying process should be meticulous and attention to detail supreme.

Why? Because, unfortunately, new build properties have their own share of horror stories ranging from poor construction to failed warranties. If you are set on buying a new build property directly from the developer, here are some questions you should ask:

1. What other properties are in your portfolio?

This should help get a feel of the previous homes built by the developer. The style of building construction and the state of them years down the line should educate you of their workmanship skills.

2. Can you provide references from your previous buyers?

Reviews are always enlightening whether it’s a product from Amazon or your next home. Scout around for opinions from present homeowners regarding their experience with builder, contentment with their homes, and process of handling complaints.

3. What does my new build property include?

It is very important to understand and document everything the property includes. Things like white goods, garden landscaping, parking space, etc. Make sure you know the basic features on the base price and what upgrades are priced additionally so that you can list the additions and calculate the cost.

4. What are the specifics of the warranty provided?

Asking the developer about the warranties available to you and on what things will clear the picture. New build property is ideally covered for the first 5-10 years of their life. This can differ for materials, fittings, utilities, etc. It is vital to understand the dynamics of the warranty policies including insurance, your maintenance obligations, etc.

5. Are modifications allowed?

In a property that is still in the construction phase, sometimes alterations are allowed with upcharges. However, in a ready-to-move-in new build the developer might not allow any extensions. On the other hand, minor modifications without structural changes such as fixtures, counter tops, etc. could be permitted. Clarifying this will avoid confrontations later.

6. How much will maintenance cost?

You need to have an idea about the running costs of your new home. Council taxes, energy bills, utilities bills, service charges, ground rents should be listed and accounted for in your final financial consideration. Clarify about financial incentives or schemes from the developer.

7. Who will help in case of complaints about property?

Just because it is brand new doesn’t mean it won’t have problems. If there are issues with your property, there should be someone to contact if only to clear out warranty limitations. Be sure about the clear chain of access.

It all boils down to one fundamental fact: The home should be right for you. This checklist help you ask the questions that matter to figure out if a property is indeed suited to your needs.  Highly regarded developer Frank Carioti understand that persistent questions are related to happy owners. They are courteous and thorough about all concerns related to new build property.

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