Interesting Things to Do at Venice Beach

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The Venice Beach is vibrant with life, entertainment, and many more activities that will easily make up a great weekend getaway. It is also an excellent tourist spot, with many fun-filled activities that you can enjoy in Venice, California. Before planning a trip to the United States, make sure you apply for the us visa esta, and complete the necessary requirements. Here, we shall see the best attractions in Venice Beach, as well as look at a few basic formalities.

Parking at Venice Beach

There are three main parking lots near the Venice Beach and Boardwalk- the South City Parking Lot, North City Parking Lot, and the Washington Blvd. Lot. They do not permit overnight parking, parking is allowed only from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. Parking is free only on weekdays that aren’t holidays.

LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to Venice Beach

The Los Angeles International airport is just 13 minutes away from Venice Beach, which means you can get your vacation started by working on that tan and relaxing in the beach.

Weather at Venice, California

Venice Beach has a Mediterranean climate, with lots of sunny days, just like an ideal day on the beach. During the summer nights, you can experience fogs until early morning that is sure to send a shiver down your spine.

Venice Beach Skateboard Shops and Parks

Venice Beach has a Skateboard Park has ledges, rails and ramps, everything you need to learn to skateboard if you are a beginner, and if you are looking forward to showing off your skateboarding skills, it’s all been covered.

If you are planning on buying a skateboard or surfboard, then Arbor Venice and Bay Street Boards are two highly rated retailers selling these items.

Venice Pier – This is a fishing pier near the beach and boardwalk area, with an artistic scenery that you won’t get to observe anywhere else. It is best visited during sunset, and perfect for long, self-introspecting walks.

Close to the Pier are the boardwalk and beach, which are almost always bustling with life. Here, you will see street entertainers with performances that you’ll cherish for a lifetime, along with the sandy beaches, and a backdrop with great potential to make it into your professional sun-kissed photos.

The beach is great for surfing, and surfing lessons are also offered throughout the year.

Venice Canals – A few of the fun things you can do to explore Venice includes a visit to the Venice Canals. You can also gondolas and gondoliers that were imported from Italy by the creator of this little city, Abbot Kinney. It was built in the 1900s and offers a contrasting environment compared to the bustle at the beach and boardwalk.

Walking Tour Of Venice – This is a vintage walking tour that is powered by technology. As you walk through the city’s main spots, snippets of all the films shot at that very point are made visible to you in the iPad. This is a great tourist attraction and a walk down the lane to the years-long gone.

Muscle Beach Outdoor Gym – Show off your summer body, or watch others building up theirs at the outdoor gym right near the boardwalk.

Kinney Blvd. – The Kinney Blvd. was previously a run-down part of the town, until Abbot Kinney renovated it. It went on to be named as the “Coolest Block in America” by the GQ Magazine. It is throbbing with shops of different products, and is especially considered to be a paradise for cloth shopping.

Drinks and Meals –

With a menu based on local cuisine, DJs, and a bar, the High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin gives you the nightlife that you’ve been looking forward to experiencing from LA. Café Gratitude is a great place to eat at, with its fully organic menu. If you’re craving for something Italian, then C&O’s is the place you’re looking for, and their garlic rolls are the most recommended. For a calm evening at a patio sipping your favorite mug of coffee, or drinking a glass of juice, be sure to visit the TOMS flagship store.

These are a few of the attractions in Venice Beach, California, that are not to be missed out. While planning your itinerary, make sure you have completed all the procedures for making the trip, including filling out an esta form. You need to ensure you do this at least 72 hours before you start your journey – you do not want any travel hiccups, do you?

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