Home Additions That Will Give You More Entertainment

Theater in luxury home with red walls


Our homes are our safe havens. They’re the spaces we return to after a long day at work, or when we’ve been out and about socialising. It’s where we want to let our hair down and relax. Our homes are also the spaces where we entertain ourselves, our family and guests when we have free time. So, it’s not all too surprising that we all want to ensure our homes are the best spaces to achieve all of these things. This is particularly true during these odd times we’re living through, where more and more of us are spending increasing amounts of time within our own four walls to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Here are a few different home additions you can invest in to keep you and your loved ones as entertained as possible!


Most homes have a TV. But your choice of television package provider can impact what you can and can’t watch. You should browse the market and see which services best suit you and your family’s tastes. You could see how to setup IPTV. You could consider Netflix or Amazon Prime for films and TV shows. You could consider Britbox for British television. You could try Disney Plus if you have little ones or are a Disney fan yourself. This is a simple addition to your home, but could provide hours and hours of entertainment on a regular basis!

A Cinema Room

If you have a spare room or a garage that you don’t use, you could convert this space into a cinema room. This is a dedicated room for watching films on a big screen! The costs of setting one up aren’t actually all too extortionate. You can find a wide variety of projectors and screens to choose from at a reasonable cost and then you just need some comfortable seating. Bring your own popcorn and everything should run pretty smoothly! If there’s a window in this space, remember to invest in black out blinds, as these will give the best and most immersive experience. Sound bars can also work well to create a surround sound style atmosphere.

A Games Room

A spare room or garage could also be put to good use as a games room. This is ideal for adults and kids alike and what you do with it is entirely up to you. You could have a snooker table. You could have a ping pong table. You could have old style arcade games. You could have board games. Whatever appeals to you or your family can be worked in!

A Hot Tub

If you’re looking for relaxation or a means to entertain guests, a hot tub could be the perfect option. Sure, this is a lavish luxury and a novelty spend. But it could be perfect for you and your family. After a long day at work, or a stressful day, you can kick back and relax in the tub with soothing bubbles. If you have friends over, you can grab a drink and catch up in the tub. On top of this, a hot tub has numerous health benefits. It can improve your age, relieve symptoms of arthritis, relieve lower back pain and decrease anxiety and stress to name just a few different potential benefits! So, if you have the space, it could actually be a really wise investment.

A Home BarYou don’t need to go out for a drink. You can have a home bar instead! Serve up your favourite cocktails and mocktails to yourself or your guests. They’re easy to set up and could even be a converted shed in your garden, so there needn’t be any large setup costs. Just make sure that it can be locked to prevent people from taking anything from the bar in the night. You could even decorate your bar with a Neon Sign or other fun themed decor.

These suggestions are, of course, all relative novelties. But they could be a brilliant improvement to your home, making it a much more enjoyable and fun space to spend time – alone or with family and friends! You can make any of these steps suit your budget, with more elaborate steps being taken for larger budgets or different alterations being made for smaller budgets. Either way, these are options that you may be able to implement and enjoy!

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