Everything You Need to Know Before Wall Mounting Your TV

Installing mount TV on the wall at home or office

When it comes to mounting most things on your wall you can simply hammer in a nail or a drill hole and insert a screw. But when it comes to wall mounting a TV, things are not quite as simple.

If you don’t wall mount your TV correctly at best you’ll have a screen that isn’t mounted straight, at worst, you’ll have a piece of expensive technology come crashing down and breaking.

So, how do you make sure your wall-mounted TV stays where it needs to?

Here’s our handy guide to wall mounting your TV to take the headache out of this DIY task.

Wall Mounting a TV: What You’ll Need

Before you can mount your TV, you’ll need the following:

· A spirit level

· A tape measure

· A drill

In addition to these essential tools, you should have someone to hand to assist you.

Decide on the Location

Before you put your TV onto the wall, you must first decide on a location for it. Once it is up on the wall, you’ll not want to move it again.

Your TV should be set up at eye-level. This way, you won’t need to bend your neck to view the screen.

Think about where the screen is in the room in relation to the furniture. It needs to be far enough away that your eyes don’t struggle to focus on the images. Make sure the TV is directly in front of the furniture that it’ll be viewed from. That way, you won’t need to turn to look at it.

Mounting Your TV

Use your spirit level and tape measure to work out where your holes will need to be drilled. The spaces between the holes need to perfectly match that of the mount.

Once you have made the holes, install the mounting kit following the supplied instructions. Get assistance in lifting the TV onto the mount.

How to Hide the Wires When Mounting a TV

One of the problems with mounting your TV is that your left with dangling wires. You have two options to hide these.

· Use plastic box trunking to hide the wires

· Install a power socket next to the mount

Think about which option you prefer before mounting your TV.

Making Life Less Stressful

To make your life less stressful, there are other options. If you want your screen to be fixed to the wall, you could make use of a TV wall mounting service.

Alternatively, you could look at getting a slimline mount stand to sit your TV on. This will sit flush with your wall and won’t intrude on your floor space. The downsides to mount stands are that if you have young children the stand could get knocked into and the TV could easily come off the stand.

Take Your Time

Wall mounting a TV can be a stressful job, but that’s nothing in comparison to the stress you might have if your TV falls off the wall. Be patient and make sure your mount is secure and straight before mounting your TV.

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