Fine Lines: Cleaning The Edges Of Your Garden

The outside of your home doesn’t get as much attention as it should. It’s only natural to be more focussed on what’s going on indoors than how your home’s exterior looks. It’s quite possible to overlook even the simplest of things, regarding your garden, gate, garage or any other part of the outside. The first thing you should start paying more attention to is the fine lines of your garden. Let’s take a look at some of these areas, which create the shape of your garden and how you could improve them.

A strong border

Gardens which feature separation obstacles like borders are fantastic when they look right. A border which is strong and clean brings more attention to your flowers, plants and vegetation. If you have a natural border, i.e. no bricks or other materials, then use simple spading tactics. This is when you simply cut down with your spade into a messy area. This is usually when you have a lawn which is overgrowing into the soil area or perhaps when the soil has overlapped onto the lawn. The spading just cuts a line between the two and stops the border from blurring the lines. 

If you have a brick border, you can use a bleach and lemon mixture to scrub the bricks back up to their original bright orange or red color. Clean away the soil that’s on top of the brick and you can use a simple olive oil wipe over the brick to give it a new shine. 

A little too messy

When drains start to overflow, they become very messy and create foul odors. They can also create stains on the floor and house if you leave them to build gaseous pockets. Using a Drain Cleaning service with knowledge on how to get rid of sludge, gunk, dirt and debris, is the obvious choice. It could be something simple to clear, like a chunk of autumn or winter leaves. It could be pebbles or perhaps even a dead animal. They will find out and clear the drain, leaving you with the job of cleaning up.

Use a pressure hose to get rid of any standing stains that might easily come off with a bit of pressure. If you can’t, then use a shammy leather cloth along with some iron wool, to force the stains off your house or PVC drainage gutter.

Scattered pebbles

The downside of having a pebble garden is when the stones become loose and fly around the floor. This can easily be fixed, by puncturing the sheeted floor so the rainwater can easily drain into the ground. However, you should also try to compact your pebbles, simply by walking all over them. Any loose stones will be forced into a dry cohesion, making the floor into one solid block. You can also add limestone powder over the top of the pebbles, to add more friction and grip, so they won’t dislodge so easily.

When you have nice clean lines for your garden, everything just looks neater and more shapely. Take the time to make a nicer border and you will see the results yourself.

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