5 Top Podcasts For Home Improvement Ideas

Home improvement is about much more than achieving a fully functioning home. It’s about creating a space that expresses your personality, adds value to your property, and creates a relaxing space to be in. Perhaps you’re new to home improvement, and you’re looking for some fresh ideas to get you started? Lucky for you there are many fantastic podcasts available, offering a wealth of nifty tips to jazz up your pad in no time. These five will get your started on your home revamp journey.

1 . Your Home Story 

Your Home Story is a great podcast created by home improvement experts and bloggers Suzannah and Ashley. They believe you don’t have to be a professional designer to create a home that looks beautiful. Want to learn how to style your home, pick the right flooring, or paint your cabinets just right? Ashley and Suzannah have got all these answers and more! Recent podcast episodes have included themes on exterior painting, bathroom organization, and ‘buying less with more intention’.

2. Decorating Tips & Tricks

Anita and Kelly are both interior design buffs and bloggers. In Decorating Tips and Tricks you’ll learn all the latest trends in interior design and plenty of hacks to improve your DIY projects. Looking for ideas for your kitchen cabinets or fireplace? Want to learn all about the ‘wabi sabi’ trend? Anita and Kelly have got plenty of wisdom to inspire your home improvement projects. Tune in for advice on making the most of your yard or how to perfectly arrange your furniture.

  1. Fix it 101

Fix it 101 is the show where you can learn all you’ll ever need to know about home improvement. Whether it’s questions about plumbing or electrical issues, Fix it 101 can point you in the right direction. Lately on the show the team have been discussing poly foam fixing, house pests and security systems. Whether you need answers about flooring or damp solutions, Fix it 101 have got you covered. You may not have attempted DIY around your home before, but we’ve all gotta start somewhere. After listening to a few of these episodes you’ll start to feel like a real pro!

  1. Organize 365 Podcast

This podcast is all about getting your home organized, bringing you plenty of tips, strategies and motivation. Organize 365 is founded and hosted by professional organizer Lisa Woodruff. These episodes will help you to improve your home, declutter and put creative ideas into practice. When our homes are cluttered and disorganized, it’s far more difficult to relax and unwind.

  1. Repcolite Home Improvement Show

 This show is all about plumbing, painting, fixing and all other things home improvement! Tune in to find out how to prepare your lawn for summer or to get yourself some new wall décor ideas. We all run out of creative ideas at times, and shows like this can be a great way to get inspired.

As the coronavirus pandemic goes on, many of us are spending far more time at home than ever before. It couldn’t be a more perfect time for those home improvement chores. Of course there are many jobs around the home that it’s best not to attempt yourself. From your water heater replacement to retiling your roof, jobs like these are often best left to the professionals. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with any home emergencies that require a speedy response.


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