How To Prepare For A House Move

Preparing to move home can be a chaotic time, there’s so much to get done and only so many hours in the day. To help you ease the chaos and enjoy the process, it’s vital to get yourself organized.

1 . Out with the old

When you’re preparing to move home, you should get rid of all the old items that you no longer need. The last thing you want to do is clutter up your new house with old junk! Tackle your clutter room by room, and put all the items you don’t want to one side. It’s a great idea to donate these to your local charity store. This way you’ll be helping a good cause and ensuring that these materials are not wasted. If you have large items, you might want to use a house clearance company to help you dispose of these in an eco-friendly way. If you have old electronic items, you’ll need to give these to a registered e-waste recycling service.

2. Pack up early 

It’s best to start packing early, to ensure you aren’t stressed out and in a rush. Start with the rooms that you don’t use as often, and leave your frequently used items until the last minute. It’s also a good idea to pack early so you can let your moving company know how many items you have to move. Doing so will help you to get an accurate quote and budget this with the rest of your moving costs. When you’re doing your packing and cleaning, apps like Toddy can help you to organize your tasks.

3. Write an inventory

Write up an inventory of all of your items; this will help you to keep track of everything and ensure that nothing gets lost in the process. It’s best to check if your moving company has an insurance policy or if you’ll need to get one to cover your belongings.

4. Organise your bills

Now is the time to organize your bills, you will need to inform your internet company, water company and gas company that you are moving house. You might take the opportunity to search for a new provider to save money on your bills. If you are happy with your current companies and tariffs, you might choose to take these same providers to your new property. You should also inform your banks and any other services of your new address.

5. Choose a removal company

Research moving companies before you commit to a service. It’s best to look for a company with lots of experience and great reviews. Write down any questions that you have to ask your removal company, whether about insurance, packing, or duration. It’s handy to have a budget in mind before you start looking for moving companies.

Lastly, remember to pre-order the new things you’ll need for your new house. Whether it’s new curtains or carpets, you’ll want to make your house more homely as soon as you can!

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