The Essential Guide To Home Organization

While you might think that your home is well-coiffed, full of wonderful decor ideas and a true reflection of your personality, this doesn’t mean that your humble abode is well organized. Clutter within the home can cause clutter in the mind. While it may sound a little odd, living in a messy environment can cause you to suffer from acute bouts of stress and anxiety. By clearing your living spaces and having a more airy, light and free atmosphere, your mental health will respond in kind. You don’t have to have a sterile, sparse and boring home. You simply need to free your house from junk, and ensure that the ornaments and knick-knacks that you adore to see around you have an allocated place whether this is a bookshelf or some other form of storage.

Being organized may sound simple, but it can be hard to transfer this skill into our homes. If you need to declutter your home and you need some storage solution ideas to inspire your re-organization plans, check out this essential home organization guide.

The Living Room

This central space is the area where the whole family congregates in the evening to relax, kick back and watch TV, and enjoy one another’s company. It’s all too easy for this hub of the home to begin to look untidy and chaotic. If you have little people living in the home, you might be sick of the stray train set sticking out from under the sofa and the other toys lurking on the floor. It can be tough to work out how best to store kids’ stuff. Baskets are a good option as they can often be deep and sit well within bookcases. Square shaped storage units are also effective, as they fit cubed boxes inside to store away soft teddies and bulky shaped toys. Alternatively, you might want to make a feature of a toy box within your living room, which may even double up as a coffee table.

Don’t just assume that it is only your floor that can look messy. Wall spaces can become scuffed with heavy traffic moving in and out of the room. Get a magic eraser style cleaning cloth to scrub these away. If your walls are cluttered with artwork and photos, think about streamlining the gallery. Consider investing in some custom picture frames to give your black and white shots of London and your kids artwork some more uniformity. This can neaten up your wall space without breaking the bank.

The Kitchen

It doesn’t take much at all to make a kitchen look untidy. A few too many plates in the sink, crumbs on the worktop and overflowing pot drawers can make you feel less than enthusiastic about cooking up a feast. It can be challenging to work out an organization system for your utensils, gadgetry and kitchen tools. If you have a drawer of doom that houses everything that doesn’t have a home, you need to banish this forever. Everything within your kitchen needs a home.

Head into your cupboards and look at all of your cans and dry goods. Anything out of date needs chucking. Anything in date but that you will never eat can be donated to a food bank. There are many can carousels that can help you increase the storage capacity of your cupboards by intuitively storing your tuna, beans and tinned veg. You could also find some great Tupperware options for pasta and rice storage. Think of cupboard re-organization as a game of Tetris. It takes a bit of practice but you will prevail.

If you have excess pots and pans and you cannot streamline them too much because you adore cooking, then why not invest in some hooks or floating shelves? These can accommodate a range of pans and utensils. This is a good option if you want to maintain a clear space on your worktop.

Get Rid Of Dangerous Items Around Your Home 

When you’re trying to get your home organized, it’s important to get rid of any dangerous items first. This will help keep you safe as you work, and it will also make the project go more smoothly. There are many different types of dangerous items that can be found in a home, but we’ll focus on the most common ones here. 

Dangerous Items That Can Be Found in a Home: There are many different types of dangerous items that can be found in a home. Some common ones include knives, sharp objects like scissors or box cutters, dangerous chemicals such as bleach or ammonia (which should always be kept out of reach from children), as well as poisons and drugs like prescription medications which may not have been properly stored away by their owners at some point during their lives before your current project began. If these things are left lying around the house without proper care being taken for them when they’re still needed then there’s no telling what could happen – so make sure everything is put away safely after using it once again so that nothing gets lost!

The Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a haven of relaxation where you can rest your weary bones and get a restful night’s sleep. All too often, our bedrooms can turn into a giant clothes horse. If you have lots of clothes, it’s time to store them away. Fitted wardrobes, while expensive, can utilize every iota of space in your room, even using the eaves if you are in the roof space of your home. Sometimes, our clothes are excessive and we need to streamline them. If you are the sort of person who heads out to the shops, purchases outfits like they are going out of fashion and then puts them in a drawer complete with the labels on never to wear them, you need to think about shifting them.

Head onto eBay and list any new and unworn items of clothing that you have. They will find a strong price, especially if you have designer tops or dresses. eBay is a common online auction site that can help you to make some extra cash while re-organizing your home.

In the kids’ bedrooms, you might be pulling your hair out at the amount of junk and stuff in their rooms. For teenagers, their rooms are their private spaces so it can be difficult for you to even enter them, but the smell may suggest that they are not that clean. Bargain with your child, offering up some extra Internet time or a trip to the cinema in exchange for them tidying their room. Inspect how they get on and then suggest a trip to the furniture store to pick up a new bookcase or a chest of drawers to put away excess clothing or books.

The Bathroom

If you are struggling with storage in your bathroom, consider adding a vanity cupboard beneath your basin. This can add space to store toilet rolls, cleaning products and toiletries. Many bathrooms are small, so it can be tricky to work out how to store your beauty products. Even a simple mirror swap can help. Think about a vanity mirror or a mirror with a shelf underneath it. This tiny shelf can store shower creme, shaving foam and razors. A tiny adjustment to a tiny room can be impactful.


If you have a garage then you need to put the work in to get that organised as well. Organising your garage can be hard work, mainly because that’s where you dump all the stuff you have no place for. If you want to get this area organised, then you need to try and throw away as much stuff as possible. You need to get rid of anything that you haven’t touched in the last 6 months or so, as this will give you the fresh start you need to really organise your space. Investing in some nice stackable storage boxes is also a good idea, along with trying to make sure that you have drawers for all of your knick-knacks. When everything is nice and organised, you may even want to think about adding some impact garage doors to make it look like a new and functional space for your car.

The key to organization is storage and the ability to declutter effectively. Don’t hoard, focus on the decluttering job and go room by room methodically organizing your living areas so that they are tidy, light and airy.


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