Espresso Lovers: 5 Types of Espresso Machines to Consider

If you love espresso and espresso drinks–like lattes and cappuccinos–having access to this luxury at home is an instant kitchen upgrade. Coffee shops are often crowded, loud, and overwhelming unless you’ve scored yourself an off-hour to sit and enjoy your doppio espresso in.

So, it’s come time to look at the different types of espresso machines. There are so many, here to even begin?

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the different options available. Knowing the different ways to make espresso for yourself at home can help you better understand what personality of espresso drink you are.

Are you the type to want to know how to do every bit of the process by hand? Perhaps you value the ease of an automatic machine? Is a steaming wand important to your experience? Are you ready to enjoy your favorite espresso drinks at home? We’ll examine a few different types of espresso machines you may consider.

1. Super-Automatic Espresso Machines

A super-automatic espresso machine is a true luxury. These machines adjust the grind of the coffee beans that you’ve selected to create the best espresso possible. Super-automatic espresso machines, like a Saeco espresso machine, will take the guesswork out of the brewing process for you. With a milk frother option, a quick-heat for the water reservoir, and an easy touch menu of options, super-automatic espresso machines are some of the most wanted types of espresso machines.

This type of espresso machine is ideal for the espresso drinker who enjoys options and values the engineering and time saved of an automatic machine.

2. Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

Another type of espresso machine is semi-automatic. These machines generally give you a little more of the manual control, while also providing the support of automation.

Semi-automatic may still have you tamping (or packing) the ground espresso, but often the semi-automatic will provide more pressure for you. It can also help prep the milk and rest of the drink temperature-wise for you.

This type of machine will keep you involved in the process of brewing espresso at home, but won’t have you relying on your own skills alone.

3. Stove Top Espresso Maker

Moka pots are often called stovetop espresso makers. With the steam process that happens between the chambers in the stovetop Moka pot, brewing espresso is possible. This will be less of a purist’s idea of espresso, but will certainly give you an at-home espresso and cappuccino to sip on.

4. Portable Espresso Maker

Portable espresso makers are a type of espresso machine that makes your favorite drink on the go. They are generally made for a certain scenario, like car camping or hiking. Some can be plugged in to heat the water, and others require the water to be heated beforehand.

One of the most simplistic types of espresso machines, they will allow you to enjoy espresso wherever you are.

5. Manual Espresso Machines

The manual espresso machine is one of the famous purist’s ideas of types of espresso machines.

Every bit of this manual process, from purifying the water to controlling the grinder you use to grind your chosen espresso beans to the pressure you use to tamp it into the cup. There are many levels of manual espresso machines, that include a pump action to create the perfect pressure to brew the perfect shot.

This is the machine that will be labor-intensive and will put you in control of every aspect of a cup of espresso that you brew. Becoming a master barista in your own kitchen takes practice, but will bring reward to you as you perfect the craft.

What Types of Espresso Machines Are You Curious About?

There are many types of espresso machines. From an all-inclusive, super-automatic approach to the hands-on, manual approach. Each one of these will produce a warm, inspiring, delicious cup of espresso to enjoy the way you want to at home.

Let us know how you like your espresso!

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